We are committed to making sure that all users who visit HeyU can enjoy a safer and healthier experience. In addition to the Terms of Service, please refer to the following guidelines that apply to our community. These community guidelines apply to all activities that you meet people through HeyU. The guidelines are subject to real-time changes and are regularly updated as the HeyU community and services may change. HeyU has the right to suspend the account as soon as it discovers the actions or contents that appear to have violated the HeyU’s guidelines below. In addition to the above right, HeyU can also delete contents, penalize and/or suspend your account.

We encourage anyone who wants to use HeyU shall read the Community Guidelines below and report any actions that violate these Community Guidelines while using the service. HeyU’s healthy community is what we create altogether.

Nudity/Sexual Content

For all profiles, photos and story videos, including the self-introduction section, HeyU strictly prohibits nudity or sexually explicit content. To prevent this, the HeyU team is monitoring all profiles and story videos. If the activity is detected, the account will be blocked without warning.

It also prohibits acts that force or demand such actions from users other than you, even if you do not expose your own body. This guideline applies equally to all HeyU services as well as 1:1 messages.

Acts of Violence/Self-harm

HeyU prohibits all users connected inside HeyU from intimidation and violent behaviours. These include exposing violent or bloody content. HeyU prohibits any action that threatens or may cause the user to feel threatened. Suicide or self-harming behaviour is also strictly prohibited.

Hate Speech/Insult

HeyU prohibits promotion or advocacy of discrimination, hatred or violence against certain races, countries, gender, age, sexual orientations, religions, countries of origin, disabilities, etc.


All actions that lead you to use other products and/or services within HeyU are prohibited. These actions include all things that are used other than the purpose of HeyU, such as your business, non-profit organization, and campaign. Also, promoting commercial sex services or unsolicited sex activities is strictly prohibited.


HeyU prohibits the use of other people’s photos or personal information in HeyU. Be yourself!


You must be at least 18 years old or older to use HeyU. Therefore, not only is it prohibited for minors, but it is also strictly punishable to use sexual or suggestive images that minors come out with alone.

You can be excited about finding new people and starting a conversation. Just keep in mind that your safety is always the number one priority! HeyU considers the safety of all users a top priority and strongly punishes all illegal activities. In addition to the above, please report any actions that may prevent your safety and healthy use of services. On top of that, the users themselves are advised to use HeyU in a way that puts the protection of personal information and safety first.

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