, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

ChristianCafe Overview

Christiancafe.com – a perfect dating site for Christian singles. It is a perfect faith based site that was launched last 1999. This dating site aimed to help single Christians to find for their perfect Christian match not only for a relationship but also for friendship, dating or even for marriage. It is truly a very stylish and amazing place to meet your perfect match around the world. Therefore, never hesitate to be a member of this site.

During your first visit to the site, you can immediately notice how warm the feel and color of the coffee shop is. It highlights a relaxing and convenient place where you can meet single Christians. This dating site already claimed that for almost 18 years, they had already 90,000 married Christians after making use of their site. Most of the members of this site came from different countries namely Canada, Australia, UK, and a lot more.

During the initial sign-up, you can already be amazed since this site gives a warning to those married Christians of not joining the site anymore. It also requires the selection of what kind of relationship you wanted to experience in this site. With such things, you are already given a hint that this dating site is perfect to those who are in search for serious relationship than casual hookup. It also offer seven day free trial membership that gives you the chance to communicate with some other site members and utilize most of its features. Only two types of features are not included in this kind of trial namely the video and audio instant messaging and online chatting.

Another nice and impressive feature of this online dating site that you may never see from other sites is the fact that inactive profiles in the site are eliminated after ninety days. This is beneficial since it helped you to cut down your messaging and searching processes without receiving any kind of response. So, what more can you ask for? This Christian dating site is perfect for you and filled with only the best features you need in finding your perfect match.
Keep reading our honest ChristianCafe review to learn more.

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ChristianCafe Sign-up Process

If you choose to be a member of Christiancafe.com, signing up process is impressively simple and easy. All the new members of this dating site need just to fill out form highlighting personal information such as birthdate, location, gender and more. They also need to respond to several questions with choices covering some other information like appearance, marital status, occupation, and more. It also includes questions that explore your religious beliefs.

You also need to go over their faith section. This highlights sets of question concerning your denomination, Christian faith as well as involvement in church. For those who just wanted to experience what it takes in this dating site, you may choose the seven day trial without any obligation for free. This gives you an access to their site basic features. However, if you will not use the site after signing up, your profile will be eliminated after ninety days.

, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

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ChristianCafe Features

When getting in touch with an online dating site, the first thing that individuals wanted to determine is more about the features that it offers. When it comes to Christiancafe.com, this site provides myriad of excellent community features that you may never find from others.

First, they provide free complete version of sign up processes for seven days. This gives you an opportunity to join some forums, instant message, send emails and make use of its searching and matching features. This only means to say that they wanted to take pride in giving only the best for their members.

Any kind of contact information is not allowed to be part of your profile. The pictures to be posted as your profile will also be screened – pictures that show cleavage, excessive skin and bikinis are not permitted, too. The site also reserves your right to change or remove pictures of discretion. Apart from that offensive advertising or use of languages will not be tolerated. However, you are also given several ways on how to conduct searching processes.

Basic Search

Christiancafe.com offers basic searches for its members. This includes conducting searches on their profile information and favorite searches. They can also determine online members, new members, usernames and even other member’s birthday.

, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

Advanced Search

Advanced searches include standard filters searches including physical characteristics, location, age and more. It also comes with Christian filter search including denominational preferences, Christian faith and more.

, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features


Christiancafe.com also offered Quickmatch to their members. This kind of feature makes use of the information found in your profile to search for the best match that perfectly suits your needs.

, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

Other Features

One of the most impressive features of this Christiancafe.com is more about the prayers and forums they offer. When it talks about the forum in this dating site, it covers some interesting topics that every member will surely enjoy such as current events, travel and more. The prayer section also gives every member of the site the chance to post some of their prayers particularly when they highly need of support. Apart from that, Christiancafe.com also offers messaging system and chat rooms to those members who wanted to communicate in a less formal way.

, ChristianCafe Reviews 2021 in the UK: Costs, Ratings & Features

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ChristianCafe Mobile App

Christiancafe.com is also made available as mobile app for both iOS and Android users. Therefore, it is well-known as a mobile-friendly online dating site that can offer intuitive and easy dating experience you will surely enjoy.

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ChristianCafe Safety and Security

Christian Café provides safe and secured dating experience for its entire members online. Since all the members in this dating site are using username, their anonymity is preserved. In this dating site, hiding your city in your profile is also allowed. They also utilize the best technology just to clean out those scammer profiles. You can also block some communications in this dating site through the help of Mailblocks. Christiancafe.com always provides strict rules concerning the privacy of important information of every member on their site.

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ChristianCafe Plans & Pricing

Christiancafe.com is unique when it comes to their price. First, this site will not give you an account to use free instead; they just provide seven-day trial account right after your registration. This kind of trial from seven days will be increased for up to ten days if the member included a picture.

Right after the end of the trial period, you can still have the chance to reactivate your own account. This is through turning yourself to be a true member of this site. At the end of your trial period and you have finally decided on becoming a member of the site, you will be again asked as to what kind of membership you are going to choose. They also provide different kinds of subscriptions of various prices and lengths.

Options Total Cost Cost Per Month Savings
Free Basic Membership Free (limited) Free (limited)
1 Month Membership $34.97 $34.97 0%
3 Month Membership $49.95 $16.67 52%
6 Month Membership $79.95 $13.33 62%

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ChristianCafe Customer Support

As far as customer support of Christiancafe.com is concerned, it is not as impressive as what you expect. This dating site provides informative features and knowledgebase. However, when it comes to their contact to human, it is very limited.

Their dating service is quite shy as they are usually encouraging all the users of this site to answer some of their questions before getting in touch with the customer support team. To those who have still questions in mind concerning this dating site, you can just email them or send them a letter to their displayed address.

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ChristianCafe Pros and cons


  • They provide free trial that provides an access to almost all the features of the site
  • It is a very honest dating site owned by Christian company
  • Membership base of this dating site is high quality
  • Excellent discounted rates for long-term types of membership


  • It provides slow process of searching for your perfect partner
  • The short-term type of membership is very costly
  • Some of those inactive profiles are eliminated after ninety days.
  • Membership is automatically renewed, but you can cancel it at any time

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The Bottom Line

Christiancafe.com is truly an exciting and amazing dating site you need to consider. This site operates to develop good faith while helping single Christians to find their perfect match. Despite of the fact that they are following different path when compared to other dating sites, you are assured that this dating site will give you a different experiencing you have never experience before. It had already offered huge numbers of successful stories that really made it very popular around the world. Therefore, if you are in search for finding Christian singles, this Christiancafe.com is a perfect choice to consider.

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