, Christian Women in the Patristic World

Christian Women in the Patristic World

Christian Women in the Patristic World


Lynn H. Cohick and Amy Brown Hughes Christian Women of all ages in the Patristic Planet : their impact, authority, and legacy in the next through fifth generations GrandRapids, MI : Baker Tutorial, 2017

“From dealing with wild beasts in the arena to governing the Roman Empire, Christian women–as preachers and philosophers, martyrs and empresses, virgins and moms — influenced the shape of the church in its formative generations. This ebook delivers in a single quantity a virtually complete compendium of extant evidence about Christian ladies in the 2nd by fifth hundreds of years. It highlights the social and theological contributions they created to shaping early Christian beliefs and techniques, integrating their affect into the historical past of the patristic church and displaying how their achievements can be edifying for modern day Christians.”

Desk of Contents:

Thecla: Christian woman protomartyr and virgin of the church

Perpetua and Felicitas: moms and martyrs

Christian ladies in catacomb artwork

From pagan to Christian, martyr to ascetic

Helena Augusta, “mother of the empire”

Egeria’s Itinerary and Christian pilgrimage

Macrina the ascetic entrepreneur and the “unlearned” wisdom of Monica

Paula, Marcella, and the Melanias: ascetics, scholars, and compatriots in controversy

Aelia Pulcheria, “protectress of the empire”

Empress Eudocia, a theological poet

Summary: Responsibly remembering.

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, Christian Women in the Patristic World

Lynn Cohick Women in the Environment of the Earliest Christians: Illuminating Historic Techniques of Existence Baker Academic, 2009

“Lynn Cohick presents an accurate and fulsome photograph of the earliest Christian girls by inspecting a extensive variety of very first-century Jewish and Greco-Roman paperwork that illuminate their life. She organizes the book all around three big spheres of lifestyle: household, spiritual group, and society in basic. Cohick displays that while ladies during this period of time ended up active at all concentrations in just their spiritual communities, their affect was not constantly determined by leadership titles nor did their gender always determine their stage of participation. The reserve corrects our comprehending of early Christian ladies by providing an reliable and descriptive historic photo of their lives. Involves black-and-white illustrations from the historic globe.”

, Christian Women in the Patristic World

Kate Cooper Band of Angels: The Overlooked Environment of Early Christian Women of all ages The Forget Push, 2013

“Among the defining figures of early Christianity ended up quite a few exceptional women of all ages – from the villagers of Galilee to the empresses Helena and Eudoxia – whose affect assisted to distribute the phrase of the new religion, one particular family at a time. This ebook features a refreshing assessment of familiar texts about the women of all ages of Christian historical past and legend, prompting the reader to re-study assumptions about the position of women in Christian ministry.”


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