, Character Creation Challenge: Star Trek Adventures

Character Creation Challenge: Star Trek Adventures

Character Creation Challenge: Star Trek Adventures


Character Creation Challenge: Star Trek Adventures 2

Modiphius has a nifty on the web character generator for this activity, and I applied it to make this character.

Lt Commander William Xu, Flight Controller, U.S.S. Nebraska (Nova Course)

Attributes: Management 9, Daring 11, Health 11, Perception 8, Presence 10, Rationale 7

Disciplines: Command 4, Conn 5, Security 3, Engineering 2, Science 1, Medicine 1

Values: 4, tbd

Focuses: Ground Autos, Helm functions, Astronavigation, Diplomacy, Lead by case in point, Hand-to-Hand Fight

Abilities: Daring – Command, Resolute, Fly-By, Thrust the Limits

Values and related features (beliefs in BW) are hard for me to occur up with except if I have a large amount of context, and I also like to imagine about they can be foils for other figures. So I remaining those people blank for now.

My state of affairs is that this is sometime in the late 2370s, after the war with the Dominion, when Starfleet is again accomplishing exploration-targeted stuff. The Nebraska is outfitted for scouting and planetary surveys. I favored the notion of a marketing campaign in which the figures were on extra of a scrappy ship, if you can really phone any Starfleet vessel “scrappy”. I have this plan that Lt. Commander Xu is possibly a little as well daring for his personal superior, and it has held him from a extra leadership-oriented function.

What I Like About Star Trek Adventures

The 2d20 method is rather uncomplicated to decide on up and fully grasp, and I like this specific Attribute + Self-control implementation of it. Starfleet characters seem to know an terrible lot about every thing, and I like how the wide application of disciplines operates to accommodate it. Focuses support differentiate people over and above that. For the reason that disciplines are likely to be a lot lessen than characteristics, it’s quite tricky to get a number of successes from a d20 except you are undertaking your character’s primary thing. That implies any individual can likely pilot a shuttlecraft to do a somewhat simple point, but you in all probability want Xu in the pilot seat if you have to zip as a result of a plasma storm.

I like the way that ships are abstracted in the sport, so there is not like “400 hull points” or “phaser variety 30,000 km” to continue to keep observe of. I sort of would like just a little that they incorporated a couple additional coloration specifics, but I can recognize particularly why they didn’t.

I haven’t played the match nonetheless, so I’m curious about how they remedy what I feel of as “the pilot problem”. Currently being the character who drives/pilots indicates your usefulness is conditional on being at the controls of a auto. This is not the circumstance for most other character forms. There is often an possibility for diplomacy or fighting or science. To make it worse, there’s normally that character whose target is to avoid a situation exactly where the team requires the pilot to do something. “Looks like we will need to get away, strap yoursel–” “No, really don’t be concerned, I did an engineering thing so we’re good.” It’s much even worse in video games like the d20 ed of Star Wars, wherever you experienced to blow a full feat just to be ready to use your pilot talent on a spaceship. I’m sort of keen on how Blades in the Dark just has a Finesse means, which just rolls in things like steering a ship or guiding a mount.

What I Would Take into consideration Shifting

Problem dice are whiff-tastic. The range of times I’ve succeeded at a thing only to get zero effect on the problem dice is sufficient to make me nearly not want to enjoy. It just feels like a needless further move. I had assumed that most online games apart from D&D had ditched the complete “roll for damage” thing by now. Why not just have further successes on the d20 roll increase to the base damage? It operates great.

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