, Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts

Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts

Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts


Howdy, mates!! i hope you&#8217re all accomplishing perfectly!!

I have a sweet friendship card to share these days for Scrappy Tails Crafts!! The Sweet Treats Stamp Set is loaded with sweet treats, but I selected to perform with the delightful cake, cake stand and cloche currently!!

Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts 5

I started by stamping the cake, cake stand and cloche from the Sweet Treats Stamp Established with Copic-pleasant black ink. I colored the pictures with Copic markers and fussy cut them out. (The Coordinating Dies are accessible, but I don&#8217t have them still, so I just slice them out by hand.) I included some highlights with a white gel pen.

, Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts
Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts 6

The doily was slash from white cardstock applying a die from the A7 Espresso Mug Valentine Add-On Established. I adhered it to a panel of gingham patterned paper and aqua cardstock, then to a white, top-folding card base and trimmed the surplus from the remaining edge. The cake, stand and cloche were being adhered with foam adhesive.

, Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts
Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts 7

The sentiment, also from the Sweet Treats Stamp Established, was white heat embossed onto black cardstock and fussy reduce. The hearts were die-slash from white cardstock making use of dies from the Scalloped Heart Insert-On Die Set. I coloured them with the exact Copic markers that I applied for the hearts on the cake. The sentiment and hearts were being also popped up with foam tape. And lastly, I included some crystal glaze to the hearts, berries and frosting for a tiny shine. The frosting seems so real looking!!

, Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts
Being Your Friend is a Piece of Cake – Scrappy Tails Crafts 8

Thanks so significantly for dropping by nowadays!! Get pleasure from the relaxation of your 7 days and I&#8217ll see you soon!!


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