“If you talk to anyone who saw Under Attack, they will tell you the same thing we will, it is Paris and I who should be the Number One Contenders for the Tag Team Championships. The fact it is not is quite a simple one, we were ROBBED. Now I could go on a tandem here with all you mon froppie’s and talk about just how much injustice was served that night and why now we are being treated as an afterthought in the division. This has been done a thousand times over, complaint after complaint, talk after talk, finger pointing after finger pointing. I’d like to see it in a different light….

A positive one.

Let’s all be real here and speak the bloody truth. There is no need to complain, matter of fact? We are FLATTERED. Paris may not think so, neither will Laura Steinbeck or even our World Champion, Sienna Swann. No, they won’t but I like to think of things a bit different. Ever since Paris and I were allowed to throw our hats into the ring, we did so with purpose. The Truelove Twins already had a reputation, since our arrival we have been denied a TRUE Tag Team Title Match by VOTE, by DRAW, by MAX KANE, by a FATAL FIVE-WAY and finally by being put in FIRST in an ELIMINATION CHAMBER, going to the end might I add. I took the pin fall, sure, doesn’t matter as there is no shame losing to two former World Champions, the question though still remains, did Redemption come in FIRST?


Why has this happened?

We have beaten every tag team we faced in two on two competition, we have NEVER received that TRUE match, there is only one reason, the SCW knows the minute they do, there Is a big problem in their hands, the titles would be monopolized. Bree Lancaster and Jason Helms getting drawn randomly?

Come on.

It’s okay though, for the sake of argument let’s say they were. Why didn’t we get our fair shot? Suddenly Paris and I start to hear the whispers of the Street Legacy. James Evans and Angelica teaming all to get in our way. It’s a form of compliment, they are literally scared of the Truelove Twins and the Beauty Factory. Kennedy Street has this delusion that she will be World Champion again, she won’t. Trinity wants to help her, how noble but hey, we can relate, it’s a sister thing. So, we did what sisters would normally do….

We put them in their place and reminded the tag team division, this is OURS for the taking.

Listen, we are not bad people, Paris and I are very giving, we also care about the state of tag team wrestling and are we going to allow all these makeshift teams hold a title that belongs to a REAL tag team like Paris and I?

No, no matter how hard you try.

We are flattered, no seriously we are but enough is enough….

It’s time that we take our place and no better example than by two Twins that are BOUND BY BLOOD.”









The Truelove Twins had an opportunity at Under attack to not only make a statement and defy the odds, they could be competing for the World Tag Team championships held by Bree Lancaster and her new partner, Andrew Raynes. They were confident that the two could beat any team in the SCW, that was true for in standard tag team matches they were undefeated, when it came to their chances to win a shot or the belts, they came in a Fatal Five-Way at rise to Greatness and the Elimination Chamber where Mr. D and the SCW brass didn’t even give them a chance to draw a number, they were automatically put as the number one entrant hurting their chances for if they were to walk out victorious, it would have to be running through every team and lasting the entire Chamber where that alone was almost an impossible task to ask any athlete to do.

The Twins made it to the end and lost to Redemption in the final moments, it didn’t sit well with either London nor Paris. It was the first time they had taken a pin fall in the SCW, they still did what no other team in the match had done, they went the distance only to come up short. Did the SCW say they would get the winner of the Tag Title match at Bound by Blood considering they were the last team eliminated and had taken out two others and assisted in a third having ousted half the match on their own?

No and that alone infuriated them, it was like the SCW moved on and forgot the Twins even existed.

This was certainly not going to go well with Laura who was so upset at what had happened, she drank herself unconscious. Of course, there were other factors which contributed to this while her and Sienna were in St. Bart’s on a very important photo shoot for Vogue. The Twins were left to fend for themselves and unfortunately, they came back empty handed.


Under Attack

One Hour After Show


London and Paris found themselves in a peculiar situation, alone. There was no Laura, no Sienna, no support. They should have been happy, celebrating their win and instead they found themselves, defeated both physically and emotionally. They could have gone out, instead they chose to stay in their hotel. So many other things had been going on outside the SCW for the two beauties, it was a distraction, the most important thing was that they did not turn on each other.

Paris was sitting on the sofa, she had on shorts and a tank top, bare foot with her nails polished red and her hair in a ponytail. She was covered in bruises and lacerations, bandaged up some, had two ice packs on her shoulder and ribs. London was laying on the bed, she had taken some severe hits to the head but escaped a concussion. She took the fall and felt terrible about it. She wore the same thing as Paris, her nails and hair the same as well, an ice pack on her head, another on her thigh…



London: “My head is pounding. When we get those two in the ring again, I’m going to make that red headed cunt pay for what she did to me. I’m sorry Paris. I had the move scouted, Evans ruined that, damn rapist and stalker.”

Paris: “We’re not going to get another chance at them London. The SCW isn’t going to do that. If we open our bloody mouth, they throw us in the Chamber first. We made it to the end but come on, we were destined not to survive, that’s exactly what they wanted.”

London: “I know. I still think we had a chance, we will get the winner of the tag title match, I know it.”

Paris: “Are you being serious right now?”


London slowly sits up, still holding the pack to her head….

London: “Yes I am, why?”

Paris: “How many times do I have to tell you? They are not going to give us a chance. Long as we are part of the Beauty Factory. The only reason they can’t do anything to Sienna is because she’s the bloody champ, the minute she loses that belt? She will never see another Championship match again. It’s how it works around here, London. If it wasn’t? Then the draw would have been fair.”

London: “And had we drawn number one or two?”

Paris: “So be it, long as it was fair. Doesn’t matter, after what happened tonight, we’ll be lucky if Laura even allows us to wrestle again.”

London: “I don’t know if I like this negative Nancy, Paris I’m talking to. Ms. Steinbeck believes in us, okay. She took care of our problem, right?”

Paris: “Our problem? Did she, London? Is JC out of our lives for good? What about what he had said? Does it matter? The damage is already bloody done. Mum knows about what happened in Mexico, she hates our fucking guts, she things we are a bunch of fuck ups, okay London? I wish it weren’t true but come on, it is. There is nothing we can do to fix it.”

London: “Mum loves us, she understands.”

Paris: “Does she? Has she said anything to dad?”

London: “I don’t know, I would hope not.”

Paris: “And if she did?”

London: “Don’t be silly, dad would have already barged through that door and thrown us down the empty lift shaft of the hotel She didn’t tell dad.”


Paris rolls her eyes and leans her head back….

London: “Look, I’m sorry I let that domkopf pin me, it was my fault we lost, I can accept it. Just stopped being so bloody angry all the time, you need to get laid.”

Paris: “Really?  Is that the answer to losing inside the Chamber after entering number one and failing in our chance to prove we are the best tag team in the SCW? That all we need is a little sex to calm the nerves?”

London: “Well, yeah.”

Paris: “Newsflash, love. It’s bloody Salt Lake City! Besides I don’t need that right now, I need to win, I want a tag team title shot or I guarantee you that Laura will drop us. No more modeling, no more parties and you know what, no more pimping us out like a couple of whores.”

London: “She doesn’t do that.”

Paris: “Oh bollocks, yes she does, and you bloody well know it. Why do you like her so much? I mean, yeah, she helped us but that was not for free was it? In time she will ask us for a favor. At least had we won the bloody tag team titles then she may have left us alone. We have a job to do and we better start doing it, besides protecting Sienna of course.”

London lays back down, letting out a sigh, her arms fall to the side, her legs spread out wide, taking up the whole bed…..

Paris: “Taking the whole bed now?”

London: “I’m stretching. Besides, my head is pounding, I’m tired. Those pills the medical staff gave me are taking effect, I may not make it soon.”

Paris: “Fine, if you are going to pass out, at least get on your side of the bed, so that when I decide to sleep, I won’t have to push you out of the way.”

London: “You are being mean to me.”

Paris: “Really? Maybe I’m just not too ecstatic that we have to hear Angelica Jones and James Evans gloat for the next month.”

London: “I’m sorry. I dropped the ball.”

Paris: “Don’t worry about it, sis.”

Paris knew that London felt terrible about what had happened inside the Chamber, they had not been defeated by pin fall and this opportunity was one that would have been such a huge statement. That didn’t help their situation or bid for a title match even with their impressive performance. Paris stands up and walks to the bathroom, she freshens up and brushes her teeth, it’s only around ten PM so the night was still young, but her body was sore, she could barely move. After getting out she walked back to the room her sister London was spread out taking almost the entire bed on her back…..

Paris: “Scoot over.”

There is no response….

Paris: “London. I swear if you fell asleep….”


London lies there, Paris shakes her head and she doesn’t wake up, instead she snores a little as Paris rolls her eyes…..

Paris: “Whatever, I need to go for a walk.”

Paris goes to the closet, she changes her shirt and puts on some flip flops. She again looked over at her sister who was asleep, she shut off all the lights but one and stepped out the door. Paris went down one floor, she approached one of the hotel rooms and knocks, she waits for a moment before the door opens, Ikiro Yoshida is standing there in his boxers, he arches an eyebrow…


Paris: “Jesus Christ Ikiro, I would think you could tell us bloody apart by now.”

Ikiro: “Ah… Paris.”

Paris: “What gave it away?”

Ikiro: “You are a bitch?”

Paris: “Okay, you got me there. Are you busy?”

Ikiro: “No, just watching TV. Where is London?”

Paris: “She fell asleep, took a few hits to the head tonight, she’ll be okay, just needs to sleep it off, meds knocked her out. I’m bored, I’m angry and I rather spend it with a friend.”

Ikiro nods and smirks, standing to the side and allowing Paris to walk in, closing the door behind her. She sits on the bed and sees that he has some sake, Ikiro offers her some….

Ikiro: “Sake?”

Paris: “I’d love some.”

Ikiro pours her some and then for himself, they toast as the Japanese star doesn’t care he is walking around in boxers with Paris around….

Paris: “Talk to Sienna?”

Ikiro: “Hai, she’s asleep now, later in St. Bart’s?”

Paris: “Yeah, never been there. We only received a Text from Laura, I know that she is pissed. I don’t know Ikiro, sometimes I wonder if London and I would be better with or without her.”

Ikiro: “Laura loves her Twins.”

Paris: “I wish that were true. She may love us at times, but I don’t know. I think it is more of a favor to our mum. Laura and our mum have been best friends for years. She pulled us out of Mexico when things were going bad. I don’t even know why I am here talking to you while you sit here in your boxers. I just think that you are easy to talk to because I don’t think you understand half what I’m saying.”

Ikiro: “Oh, Eye Yoshi does.”

Paris and Ikiro toast their sake…..

Ikiro: “To Sienna and the Twins.”

Paris: “I can drink to that.”

They take their shot and Ikiro pours her another….

Paris: “You love Sienna, don’t you?”

Ikiro: “Hai, I do.”

Paris: “Can I ask you a personal question?”

Ikiro: “Hai.”

Paris: “Besides her being beautiful, what is it about her that you love most? Didn’t you have a wife and kid that are still alive and came back?”

Ikiro: “They hurt Eye Yoshi.”

Paris: “I’m sorry about that.”

Ikiro nods and holds up the sake shot, she then holds her up as they once again take their shot…

Paris: “She loves you. Though I will be honest, she also loves Chris Cannon.”

She could tell that struck a nerve with Ikiro, Paris wanted him to get angry after all he has done to confuse Sienna. All the Twins want is for the happiness of Sienna and Ikiro, they were all disappointed as nothing went as planned for either though Ikiro had the last laugh after the match….

Paris: “What you did tonight was awesome. You may have lost but you made a statement.”

Ikiro: “You too.”

Paris: “Nah, we didn’t deliver, we will never get our shot long as Mr. D is making the decisions. You were the darling once Ikiro, I will tell you this much, after tonight, you’ll see what I am talking about too. They loved you before, you associate with us, they will hate Ikiro.”

He shrugs his shoulders as he didn’t care if they hated him or not for when it came to Sienna and the Twins, they were more important than the cheers of the fans. He pours her another shot of sake, they drink….

Paris: “Thanks. Ikiro, do you think that London and I will ever be tag team champions?”

Ikiro: “Oh yes, very soon.”

Paris: “Thanks, I needed to hear that. I better go.”

Ikiro: “Why?”

Paris: “Because I am getting drunk and I can’t be responsible for what I do when there’s an attractive and fun Japanese guy in his boxer’s standing in front of me.”

Ikiro: “Oh, I can put on pants?”

Paris giggles, she doesn’t laugh much these days and appreciated Ikiro’s sense of humor….

Paris: “It’s okay, you’re cute and a good friend. Sienna would be stupid to ever get rid of you. Have a goodnight.”

Ikiro: “Goodnight Paris.”


She goes up to Ikiro and kisses him on the lips before pulling away before smiling. Paris walks out and closes the door behind her, Ikiro chuckles and pours himself some more sake. After a few moments, the sake starts to hit Paris hard, she walks back into the room and stumbles in. Her sister, London is still asleep spread out on the bed. Paris rolls her to the side and lays next to her, placing her arm around London….

Paris: “Goodnight, London I love you sis.”

She closes her eyes and goes ready to fall asleep…..

London: “You smell like Ikiro.”

Paris’s eyes shoot open….


Laura Steinbeck’s Home

Hollywood Hills, CA.

Two Days Later


London and Paris knew that this was coming. Laura had arrived early that morning from St. Bart’s with Sienna Swann. They had their photoshoot which was very successful and made them a lot of money. As for the Twins, it was a different story, the ladies had failed in their attempt to capture the number one contendership to the tag team titles. Things were not going well for the Twins, this was their chance to capture some momentum and shove it back in the face of the SCW. Of course, Laura didn’t blame them completely for what happened, a lot of that fell on Mr. D for forcing them to enter Number One in the Chamber.

The Twins arrived at Laura’s home, she was in a comfortable summer dress and sandals, her nails a glossy coat. The Twins were in matching blue halter tops, jeans and open toed blue heels, their nails polished red. Sienna was also there, she had on white jeans, open toed heels and a baby blue halter top, she had no polish, just a shiny gloss. London and Paris both sat down on the couch, Laura sat across on the chair, Sienna was in the love seat…



Paris: “We lost.”

Laura: “That’s it. You lost?”

London: “I take full responsibility for what had happened in the Chamber, Ms. Steinbeck that was all on me. I should have been more careful, I thought that I had reversed the move, Evans came from behind, somehow, he caught me, and Angelica dropped me on my head, next thing I remember is Paris standing over me trying to help me up. I’m sorry Ms. Steinbeck, I failed you, Sienna and Paris.”

Laura: “Thank you London.”

Paris: “Are you serious? Why are you doing this London? This was not your fault, this was SCW’s fault, okay. We gave it our all, we made it to the very end, we lasted the entire Chamber there was NO other team that had done what we did, Laura. If anything, we should be praised for what we did, we should be honored for almost trying. This company should be calling us the next rightful contenders for those belts. THAT is what should be happening, you saw the damn footage, you saw what we did in there. We eliminated half the participants, what more do you want?”

Laura: “How about a victory.”

Paris couldn’t believe what she had heard from Laura, instead she just threw her arms in the and started to head toward the door…

Laura: “Where are you going?”

Paris: “Out, this conversation is over. I’m not going to stand here and allow you to break us down further than what we already feel. It is not fair as we have given you our all. That Chamber and where we were placed was bloody bollocks and you know it.”

Laura: “Paris, get back here, now.”

Paris: “Not doing this.”

Laura: “I said get back here now!”

Paris stops and looks over her shoulder at London who is practically begging her to come back. It takes a few moments before the fiery South African Twin finally turns and starts to make her way back, standing next to her sister….

Laura: “First off I admire your spunk, the fire that you have, it turns to passion, it could also turn into frustrations so before you go off the handle, I need you to sit down next to your sister and listen, please.”

Paris hesitates before London finally tugs on her to sit. She follows suit and stares right at Laura while Sienna looks on quietly, checking her phone periodically….


Laura: I know that you two are upset, I was very upset watching it all unfold in St. Bart’s and not being able to do anything about it. I’m not blaming you London or Paris, first off you lose and win as a team. The real point to all of this is the SCW did do this to us. They played games and caused for my Twins to go in the Chamber first without a clean draw. This was a setup and I am damn well upset about it and you know that I am a woman that will not allow this to go unpunished.”

Paris: “If that’s the case then what do you have in mind?”

Laura: “While we were in Vegas, I made another deal. One that I believe will benefit us all and in good faith give you the opportunity that not only you deserve but have also earned. At the same time, I get to protect my assets with her, our World Champion.”

London and Paris both look at each other a bit confused. Sienna has an idea, but she is more focused on her own issues right now with Chris Cannon. She looks up with her icy blue eyes while Laura speaks….

Laura: “we have reopened our negotiations with The Network.”

Paris: “Oh for fucks sake.”

London: “Really? Ms. Steinbeck, I don’t know if that is such a good idea, we saw what they did to us not only once but TWICE.”

Paris: “They are a bunch of mon froppies, the last thing we need is for them to screw us over again. We are never going to get tag team title matches with those bloody clowns behind our back.”

Laura: “Things have changed.”

Paris: “Changed? What the hell is that supposed to mean? Changed? As in what has changed, Laura? The Network are still a bunch of gogga’s. Swirling around shit. That’s what they are good for.”

Sienna giggles at Paris use of South African slang …..

London: “What can they do for us Ms. Steinbeck? This is why we are here in the first place. Remember Breakdown? We had the Lohan’s beat and then this happened, Max cost us the match.”

Paris: “You can’t seriously trust these people can you Ms. Steinbeck?”

Laura: “I have, and I will. Matter of fact later today we are going to meet with them. Sienna won’t be there, she has other things to take care of but we will and you’ll see that the deal is made and Max is not a problem anymore.”

The Twins glance at one another in a bit of confusion, Sienna looks up and stands….

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOODSienna: “London and Paris, trust Laura. She has your best interest at heart. You were not there when Laura Watched Under Attack in St. Bart’s, she was very upset, extremely distraught. I have never seen her like that so before you two start jumping into conclusions and think you know everything about anything, for once trust in her and listen. I have made that same mistake too, I realized that Laura is not only our manager and agent, she is also like our mother. If anyone can relate to how you feel right now, it’s me. I understand better than anyone, when you want something so bad and all it takes is for the higher ups to take it from you. You two were there firsthand when they did it to me. Laura is not going to allow us to fail. I would at least hope that you two can see that. It’s a bump on the road, not to worry, we will get past it and move on. Yes?”

After a few moments pass, London nods, Paris looks down and sighs before raising her chin and making eye contact with Sienna….

 Paris: “Yes.”

London: “Yes, of course.”

Sienna: “Great, thank you. Laura, I need to go, I will call you later.”

Laura: “Yes darling, drive safe.”

Sienna and Laura kiss cheek to cheek, she starts to walk out….

Sienna: “Paris, can you escort me to the door, please?”

Paris: “Yeah, sure.”


Paris follows her out, they get to the door where Sienna stops and locks eyes with the other South African beauty….

Sienna: “Let’s get one thing straight, I admire your tenacity and fire sweetie, it’s refreshing. It means you care. At the same time, you need to start focusing that on people like Evans and Jones, The Lohan’s, the people who hold the tag titles when that opportunity comes. Laura cares for you, she wants us all to succeed. How about for once you cut her a break, if not for anyone, do it for me, please?”

Paris: “Yeah… okay. I will.”

Sienna: “Thank you. Now, one more thing. If you ever decide to go into Ikiro’s room again late night while he is in his boxers, get drunk and then tell him that if you do not leave, something bad is going to happen and regret it? I will knee you so hard in the face, they will be able to tell you and London apart.”

Paris’s eyes widen….

Paris: “That was all fun and games, I just needed someone to talk to is all.”

Sienna: “He told me about it, he thought it was funny, he really likes you. I didn’t find it amusing, sweetie.”

Paris: “I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers Sienna but it’s not like you are trying to hide what has been going on with Chris.”

Sienna: “Paris, you worry about yourself, I’ll worry about Chris. I think you and London have already played enough games with those two. The last thing I want is for there to be anymore blow ups. I have asked you nicely, are we cool with that?”

Paris: “Yeah… yeah we are cool.”

Sienna: “Good, now listen to Laura and get your shit together, you have tag team titles to win.”

After that, Sienna walks out leaving Paris standing there flabbergasted, wondering what just happened between her and the Heavenly Angel. She meant no disrespect at all by what had happened, she just wanted some company, looks like Ikiro had told Sienna all in fun, not even thinking there was any harm to it. Now Paris will think twice before she talks to Ikiro alone again. She makes her way back to the sofa and sits next to London….

London: “Everything alright?”

Paris: “Yeah London, everything is just fine. Just don’t ever see Ikiro alone and Chris is off limits.”

London: “What? How did she know?”

Paris: “Who cares.”

They turn their attention back at Laura Steinbeck who stands up and walks up to the gorgeous Twins….

Laura: “I asked this of Sienna and I will ask you the same, do you trust me?”

London: “Yes, Ms. Steinbeck, of course.”

Laura: “Paris?”

Paris: “Yeah, I do.”

Laura: “Good, let’s get some lunch, I’m famished, my treat and then when we are done, I’ll show you exactly what I have done. Okay?”


The Twins nod, at this point they have nothing to lose in trusting Laura. She will make sire that they get their fair share of whatever it is she promised. The beautiful Twins gave it their all. They understand that Laura helped them out of a very bad situation and now all that is asked of them is their loyalty. They have agreed to trust Laura in her decision making, in hopes that they do finally get what they have earned, a FAIR shot at the World Tag Team Championship…..

A Few Hours Later

Laura Steinbeck’s Office

Los Angeles, CA.

After lunch, Laura sat at her desk, the Twins were in the chairs next to them. The door opened and Tipper Witherbee walks in, Laura’s assistant wearing a gray suit and pink blouse….



Laura: “Yes Tipper?”

Tipper: “There is a Dante McCaffery here to see you along with a very tall and Amazonian looking woman and this very good-looking model-esque guy are here to see you, they say they have an appointment?”

Laura: “Yes, of course, let them in.”

Tipper: “Yes ma’am.”

Tipper smiles at the Twins, they smirk back. Within seconds, Dante McCaffery walks in in jeans and a jacket, Ms. Budde behind in slacks, a white blouse and peep toe pumps with her nails polished red, finally this handsome tall man win a white suit follows, they had never seen him before and that catches the Twins eyes already, he turns and winks….

Laura: “Hello darling, I didn’t think you were going to show up to be quite honest. So who do we have here, ah yes Hannah Budde and this is?”

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOODDante: “This is LEO, our newest addition. I thought we could talk a bit of business about LEO as well. He comes from your side of the fence.”

Laura: “A model?”

Dante: “Yes, a very good one.”

Laura: “I like where this conversation is going already. Please sit down. You remember the Truelove Twins.”

Dante: “Yes, an inspiring performance, we were very impressed. Don’t worry, those titles will be coming soon to you, that much I can guarantee.”

Paris: “We will believe it when we see it.”

Dante: “A skeptic, I like it.”

The leader of the Network must put his arm out and hold Ms. Budde back from going any close to the Twins. Hannah doesn’t take too kindly anyone who disrespects her man….

Dante: “Excuse Hannah, she gets very protective.”

Paris: “Whate….”

London quickly cuts off her sister…

London: “Totally understandable.”

Laura: I was telling the Twins about our little deal, yes, they are a bit skeptical, I can’t blame them though after what happened at RTG XV and the Breakdown a few weeks after that. Since then they have put those two in impossible odds which is why I am open for business talk. I can make you a very rich man, in return, my assets are protected. That means ALL of them. I want the Twins to get the tag team titles by any means necessary. Sienna Swann and the World Championship is protected. You have already done wonders with Bree, we expect the same only a better result than the last time this had happened. That means Jennifer Helms is protected, Willow Wilkes in EMERGE, I know that you have connections down there and price will not be a problem.”

Dante: “That is what I like about you Laura, there is no bullshit. You are a business woman, you state what you want, I state what I want, we come to an agreement and we make magic. As a sign of good faith like we spoke about, Max will be dealt with swiftly and you will never have to worry about him interfering in our affairs again. I am very interested in doing business after our talk in Las Vegas, I felt you made some good points. We decided to honor that.”

Laura: “Good then all we need to do is talk some numbers though after the last time I was robbed, and the services were not rendered. This time I am willing to go a step forward. I don’t want us to have just some sort of business deal, Dante that is boring, I am talking about a merger, something to join both of our forces and make it the single most powerf7ul entity in all of professional wrestling. Can you imagine how much power we can amass? Your connections, my connections, an open Beauty Network if you will and catch the SCW by total surprise. I know what they are doing, prepping the Streets to be the next tag team champions. That is NOT going to happen. I can see them filing up the challengers for Sienna. Blake Mason, Cassidy Carter, Josh Hudson and his Trios, it is becoming a joke and Sienna is an angel, she needs protection from people like you and this big beautiful woman who I can do a lot with in the modeling industry.”

Dante turns to Ms. Budde who arches an eyebrow and smirks….

Ms. Budde: “Really?”

Laura: “Yes really. You are a modern-day Wonder Woman, darling.”

Laura stands up and starts walking around the beautiful and very strong, Ms. Budde. LEO sits now with the Twins. London is checking him out as Paris is as well, they then look at one another, leaning into one another…

London: “He is so hot, I want him.”

Paris: “Bullshit, you said that I needed to get laid, that was the reason I was so tense. So, I get first dibs.”

London: “That is NOT fair. I get first dibs, I saw him first.”

Paris: “The hell you did, London. Next time don’t talk your shit and rescind on your offer. You said it yourself, I am bitchy because I need more sex, so okay, I’m taking your advice.”

London: “You are such a snake….”

Laura cuts in while checking out Ms. Budde’s body….

Laura: “Is there a problem, ladies?”

London: “No problem at all Ms. Steinbeck, Paris and I were just discussing how an exciting venture and opportunity this could turn out to be. We just want to make sure that the Max type of thing doesn’t happen again.”

Paris: “It really set us back, we would be tag champions buy now had that mon froppie not gotten involved. Long as he is out of picture, then we accept this little joint venture.”

Dante: “London and Paris, you have my word, Max will no longer be a problem.”

They both look at each other and then back at Dante and nod….

Paris: “That works.”

London: “I like it. So, LEO, what’s your story?”

LEO: “Does everyone need a story?”

Paris: “Everyone has a story, all depends if yours is a fun one to tell or just downright boring.”

LEO: “Straight fire, I like. We will talk after the meeting, yes?”

London: “Ye…..”

Paris cuts her off…..

Paris: “YES.”

London: “….. bitch….”

Laura looks at Budde and smiles….

Laura: “See, Dante. We can help each other out more than just in the ring. Why relegate and limit ourselves to that when we can do when there is so much more. Hannah here will be perfect for what is in demand. LEO here is exactly what this side of the ocean needs. Tall, dark and handsome. Dante, this will work beneficially for all involved, you just need to keep your side of the bargain.”

Dante: “Hannah, you were a former teacher, you have never done anything like this before. Are you interested in modeling?”

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOODMs. Budde: “You know what? I think it would be rather fun. Laura, I accept your offer, you let me know what you need from me and I will make sure to be here for it. I wouldn’t mind dipping my toes into this, a change of pace would be nice.”

Laura: “It’s settled darling, I will write up the contract and we will work our magic. Until then, Dante, shall we work out our kinks to the deal? Make this all about the Beauty Network now? London and Paris, why don’t you take Leo and show him around. I will also have his contract drawn out, then you can take your cut Dante.”

Dante smirks and nods…

Dante: “Now we are talking my language.”

Laura: “Ladies?”

London: “Yes, Ms. Steinbeck, we have no problem taking LEO and showing him around.”

Paris: “We will do so right away. Come on LEO.”


Paris grabs LEO’s hand and escorts him out of the office, they walk over to the empty studio, LEO has both Twins one on each arm, they try to fight for him nonchalantly as he is being escorted….


London: “I am, the sweet one.”

LEO: “Paris is the feisty one.”

Paris: “That’s me.”

LEO: “I look forward to getting to know all of you very soon. I am new, but I have known Dante for a while. It was only a matter of time before I joined him. All I can say is trust in this deal, it will benefit us both.”

Paris: “Are you just trying to sell the deal for your own benefit or just being sincere which these days is a rarity.”

LEO: “You two are South African, yes?”

London: “Yeah, Cape Town.”

Paris: “Laura has known our mum for a while, so she took us in. Now we are here with her and part of the Beauty Factory. That is our story, former soccer players turned wrestlers and models.”

LEO smiles….

LEO: “Soccer? My sport. You two are very interesting and very exquisite. May I ask you to dinner some time?”

London: “Sure!”

Paris: “I think he was asking me.”

London: “No, I am pretty sure that he was asking me, Paris.”

Paris: “He was looking right at me London, he was asking me.”

LEO cuts in n and interrupts the small squabble….

LEO: “Actually I was asking both of you.”

London: “Both of us? Like at the same time?”

Paris: “A double date without the other guy type thing?”

LEO: “Yes, precisely.”

London: “Sure.”

Paris: “Absolutely.’

LEO: “Then that is settled, please show me around some more.”

The Twins both look at each other and fake a smile then turn back to LEO and give him a real smile as they continue to escort and show him around….

Thirty Minutes Later

Laura sits at her desk after The Network leaves. London Paris are also there, they are sitting back quietly when Laura speaks….

Laura: “Spill it.”

London: “What?”

Laura: “You two are going to say something, so spit it. Be open to me about it, I want to know what you are thinking right now.”

London: “LEO.”

Paris: “Yeah… LEO.”

Laura: “Or for god sake, really? He’s probably gay. Most hot male models usually are.”

Paris: “No, he’s straight and we can tell, he’s a badass.”

London: “We like him Ms. Steinbeck. I think this deal may actually turn out to be alright. Long as they keep their word, and do as they promised, then I don’t see a problem with anything happening. The last time they made a bunch of guarantees and look. We are just tired of getting the Raw deal, the Chamber was the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

Laura: “Do you feel the same way, Paris?”

Paris nods, sitting quietly. She then turns to Laura and speaks softly….

Paris: “We can’t trust them. Budde is a weapon, I have watched her wrestle in the SWA. LEO is also a weapon, you just gave them modeling contracts. This merger, what if it doesn’t work, you are stuck with two members of the Network.”

Laura: “Looks that way.”

Paris: “So, that’s it? We accept everything to be the status quo and let them walk all over us possibly? If they screw us over again then what? You have Budde and LEO under contract? What good does that….. Ohhhhh…..”

Paris and London finally started to catch on as Laura smirked and continues to do her paper work….

Laura: “Don’t you see Darling there is a guarantee for everything. I have already thought every scenario out. We will get what we want. That is obvious. Dante makes out too, he becomes a very wealthy man. He is a smart individual, but you see, I have all bases covered. I care about the success of my Twins, to me that is the end game, for you two becoming tag team champions, for Sienna to keep her World Championship. It is imperative for our existence and aligning with them is the right move right now, it makes us even stronger and while Mr. D could throw out at us all his little stipulations? We are going to create a little chaos. His precious heroes will learn, and it starts in the World Tour. It’s simple. How bad do you want to be the best tag team in the world?”

Paris: “More than you know.”

London: “we want our fair chance to make that reality.”

Laura: “You won’t darling. You will never get that chance but do not worry, they may not give it to you? So, we will take it. I need to finish this work, you two are excused, enjoy the rest of your day.”

London: “Thank you Ms. Steinbeck.”

Paris: “Good bye, Laura.”

Laura: “Ciao.”


The Twins get to the elevator, they hit the down button, waiting for the elevator to go down. Paris stands there quietly glancing at London who finally turns toward her….

London” What?”

Paris: “Let’s make a promise to each other right now.”

London: “I’m listening.”

Paris: “We don’t let anything get between us. This is us against them now. We trust Laura and Sienna, that’s it, The Beauty Factory. Whatever this merger brings, it is about The Twins and the gold. No man, nothing. Can we do that?”

London: “I couldn’t have said it any better. Come on, I’ll buy you a drink.”

They shake hands before embracing in a hug. The Twins knew that they had to stick together to preserve their survival.  The Chamber taught them one thing…

The road was going to be long and hard, one was going to give them any freebies…

That’s alright, they proved they can be the best tag team in the SCW when they went to the end and after Bound By Blood, there is only one thing on their mind…

To become SCW Tag Team Champions.





Highly doubtful.

I’m not as calm or cool as my sister, she may find comfort in being positive and trying to take the high road, I am not. James Evans and Angelica Jones were LUCKY. I don’t give a zebra’s ass if they were former world Champions or not. The SCW gave them an advantage and put London and I in a disadvantage. It was their plan all along, give their favorites a chance, the only reason why we have been constantly leapfrogged by other tag teams that are not even tag teams. Do you think we care if Bree Lancaster is a tag team champion or not?

We love Bree, she’s our friend and yet even she KNOWS that it should be us and NOT Redemption. Hmmm… a fitting name, Redemption because after Bound by Blood it is US against them and the tag team championships whomever they may be. I get that most of you domkopfs rather we just disappear, stand behind Sienna and allow this tag team division to become a bigger joke than what it really is. We were supposed to elevate it, but it seems like the SCW, Mr. D and his stupid daughters have no desire to do so and that is one of the reasons you saw us attack your precious Kennedy and Trinity Street.

Let’s be honest, we admire and respect the Streets. We also don’t want to destroy the profession, we want to be a part of something bigger, that is why Ms. Steinbeck and Dante McCaffrey came together to create the Beauty Network with some of the biggest talent in wrestling. We are a part of something that means more than anything this company wants to give or dish out. They are afraid of the Truelove Twins and what it would do to the tag team division, your precious little stars would never be successful so instead you had to pave the way, the road of least resistance so that they could just come right in and take OUR opportunity without even having to earn it because if you call what the Redemption did, earning it then each of you who believe that are a bunch of dickheads. What happened at Under Attack was bullshit, it was our match to win, we should be the ones walking out with the title match and instead we get to watch our title shots muffed by a couple of has-beens who needed the benefit of time to beat us?

We on the other hand get to play a little, make a statement with our new friends and teaming with our favorite Japanese Rockstar, Ikiro Yoshida. Once we are done, there will be NOTHING that will stop us from getting what we both EARNED and DESERVE, a shot at the tag team titles two on two, none of these games, twists or little tricks….

For when we are done?

You will be seeing double….

And that means only trouble.”







The Scene Opens….


Copley Square, named for painter John Singleton Copley, is a public square in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, bounded by Boylston Street, Clarendon Street, St. James Avenue, and Dartmouth Street. Prior to 1883 it was known as Art Square due to its many cultural institutions, some of which remain today. It is a pending Boston Landmark. A remarkable number of important Boston educational and cultural institutions were originally located adjacent to or very near Copley Square, reflecting 19th-century Boston’s aspirations for it as a center of culture and progress. These included the Museum of Fine Arts, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard Medical School, the New England Museum of Natural History, today’s Museum of Science, Trinity Church, the New Old South Church, the Boston Public Library, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, the Massachusetts Normal Art School, today’s Massachusetts College of Art and Design, the Horace Mann School for the Deaf, Boston University, Emerson College, and Northeastern University.

Known as Art Square until 1883, Copley Square was originally cut diagonally by Huntington Avenue; it took its present form in 1961 when Huntington Avenue was truncated at the corner of Dartmouth Street, the Square partially paved, and a pyramidal fountain sculpture added. In 1991, after further changes including a new fountain, the new Copley Square Park was dedicated. The nonprofit Friends of Copley Square raises funds for care of the square’s plantings, fountain, and monuments.

The Boston Marathon foot race has finished at Copley Square since 1986. A memorial celebrating the race’s 100th running, in 1996, is located in the park, near the corner of Boylston and Dartmouth streets. Here is where we find the Truelove Twins along with Laura Steinbeck, their manager and agent in the modeling business. London and Paris Trulove have a lot to prove, the Elimination Chamber match left a bitter taste in their mouth when they started the match and lasted to the very end where by chance were eliminated and came short tot eh team of Redemption, two former World Champions looking for something to prove. Now the two sisters vow to get their revenge and a tag team title match which they believe was earned long before these other tag teams leapfrogged them. Now it comes down to a 5 on 5 elimination match where the Twins look to be victorious with their new friends the Network after Laura was able to once again make a deal with Dante McCaffery.

The Twins right now look to make another impression after going the distance in the Elimination Chamber and not getting any sort of attention or praise from it. That bothered the Twins, any other team in the favorable sense of the owner would have been given the thumbs up, promised a match after the title contest at Bound by Blood, instead they feel swept to the side and that alone is enough to fire up the Twins and they showed that with their attack on the Street Legacy.

Both sisters wearing black leggings, matching leather pants, coats and beanies, matching black gloves and long hair hanging down. Paris and London are about to speak before Laura nods for the recording to start…


Paris looks on as London starts to speak in her cute South African accent….

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOOD“It’s a shame that this company has gone to great lengths to put the Truelove Twins art a disadvantage. The rightful heirs to the tag team title and they have been relegated to the recipients of the boss’s ire. Hasn’t this story become old? Haven’t we seen it played out over and over? Everyone watching this right now know who rally won the Chamber, the two women that went the distance only to fall short at the very end. There is no respect for what they Have done, no acknowledgement for a tag team who defied the odds. It has been the same excuses, the poor management, the abuse of power and so I did the only thing that I could, I found a man that was wiling to merge and build an army to make sure that corruption of the SCW does not affect my girls again.

The last few weeks you have felt the brunt, the attacks, the riot Mr. D created. I am not a violent woman, I hate the sight of blood, I detest it and yet I manage the World Champion, the future Tag Team Champions and two women that will make their impact one day in the SCW down honing their craft in EMERGE. Does that change what is happening now? What you see in front of you come out of nowhere and attack The Street Legacy and Ace Marshall is the Beauty Network. Yes, The Beauty Factory and the Network have joined forces for one goal, to prevent anything like under Attack to happen again.

If I must go out and create something to destroy it, you can bet that I will.

And so now it brings us to Under Attack where you will all witness Sienna Swann successfully defend her World Championship against Josh Hudson and FINALLY you will see the Truelove Twins along with Dante McCaffrey, Xander Valentine and Ikiro Yoshida team together to fend off the Street Legacy, Donovan Kayl and Dylan Howell. How did we get to this, darling?

Ask Mr. D and he will answer it for you.

It is time that you witness what the most powerful merger has done to the state of wrestling and moving forward. It will be a clean sweep, my Twins will be standing strong in the end and as we continue down the road, just remember, this all could have been prevented, now it can’t be stopped. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you London and Paris, The Truelove Twins.”

Laura steps back and glances at her two beautiful Twins. They are ready to speak and have a lot on their minds. After what has been happening the last month or so they finally were able to put it behind them and concentrate on the here and the now. Paris looks on as London starts to speak in her cute South African accent….

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOOD“The Elimination Chamber has come and gone, here we are with nothing to show for it. After surviving to the very end and yet we are not even talked about. That’s fine, all it does is motivate us even more. It gives Paris and I resolve, all we want to do now is prove the division wrong, the tag title match is NOT between the two, best team, it is with one team being our allies and friend and the other being the lucky one who wasn’t forced to start the match and last to the very end. There is nothing we can change now, we all know as do you watching right now, we are the rightful contenders. Where does that leave us now? Well, we were put in a bit of a predicament, we could have followed the script and like every other tag team that takes a step back, go silent and wait their turn or we could find the biggest trollops in the yard and kick them down, send them a message and watch the Street Legacy on their big night when they debut, laid out on the floor courtesy of the newly merged Beauty Network. Why did we choose that of all nights?”

, BEAUTY NETWORK Vs. THE STREET LEGACY & CO.: BOUND BY BLOOD“Simple, you two dompkofs walked into OUR division. It was bad enough that Kennedy Street had already lost the World Championship to Sienna Swann and vowed to get it back, didn’t we already dispose of you Kennedy in a six-woman tag team match? Yeah, we did yet the sexy Flawless Diva decided to make a phone call and bring in the big sister? We know all about Trinity Street, she was the World Champion when we debut in the SWA, the talk of the town. After that she built a reputation hurting people and taking over companies, my kind of woman and in another lifetime we would have probably gotten along. A ruthless woman that has recently had a change of heart? Now you are back to protect your little sister, how noble. Thing is Trinity and Kennedy, we understand what you are feeling, where you’re coming from. We get it, the bond, it can’t be broken. It has always been about family and nothing else. London and I? We are one in the same, the only thing that separates us? “

“We are tired of the runaround. How long have we already been active? Six, seven months. We have watched tag teams leap over us because of lucky draws, voting or just two wrestlers who can’t cut it in the singles ranks team up and rob us of out chance thanks to an assist from management? Kennedy, you believe in doing the right thing, you’ve become Mr.D’s favorite or at least one of them. Isn’t that why your sister was accepted back into the SCW after she was contractually obligated to never come back?”

“How quaint.”

“Totally, very convenient. I think it’s safe to say there is nothing short of favoritism here, had that been one of us, we wouldn’t see the light of day in this company again.”

“I bet you’re all pretty proud of yourselves. While on the Australian tour we took our shot, we decided it was the right time, we didn’t want the Street Legacy to have this special night, when they finally teamed for the first time. I don’t care how long they waited, what was their intentions, this was not going to be the Street show at OUR expense. That is why The Beauty Network was created. Why LEO came out of nowhere and made his mark as we confronted the Street Legacy and the minute they try to insult us, we took them down, teaching Trinity and Kennedy, two former World Champions a lesson that this is not their spotlight, they are not going to leap frog either, this is about US, this is about OUR opportunities which continue to be denied. If we must go through the entire family to make our point this Sunday, then so be it!”

Paris was fired up, London was annoyed. The Twins are two proud women looking for success under the leadership of Laura Steinbeck. The World Champion is under the banner and they look to make sure she retains her title, now all that is left is for the Twins to get their chance. This Elimination Tag is a good way to once again impress, show that they can do whatever is asked and like the Chamber steal the show, unfortunately, they don’t get the attention deserved. Paris continues to speak…..

“It’s not just the Streets. We thought Kennedy would have already quit by now pursuing something she can’t have. What about Donovan Kayl? The Cornerstone of Professional Wrestling, the man who lost in his own hometown, was able to put down the devil a few weeks ago, he made the decision to not allow Regan to join their team….”


“That’s right, you are the MVP of that team mon froppie.”

“No, really, thanks. We know that Regan Street is upset but maybe now you gave her a remind her that she was never wanted by her own family. The problem with you Donovan is our entire career from SWA to NEWA all we ever heard, and saw was just how great you were. I beg to differ. I mean, don’t get us wrong, you are what legends are made of, no discounting that, you didn’t become the Cornerstone by thinking though did you? Taking Dylan Howell instead of Regan put your entire team at a disadvantage, some may even say if you are even coming for a fight? Bit too much than you can chew, careful, those bloody dentures may just pop right out.”

“Now that is gross. Imagine, we put him in a headlock and he slips out, yet we have his teeth?”


“Donovan Kayl may think he’s the leader, that’s fine. Dylan Howell is a clown, he may be a little unpredictable but he’s bloody stupid. We understand this is a family affair, sure and honored there are two members of Monarchy on the team, or at least what is left of them. Let me explain something, what this is now, The Beauty Network, we are more than just acquainted, we are brought together by a common goal, we have the same vision, we want the same things, there is no rogues, there aren’t any of us that will put what we have at risk. We want to be tag team champions and before we even get to Chris Cannon and the Street Legacy again, look who we have on our side?”

“Xander Valentine. An SCW Legend, a monster, the baddest man in this promotion and he is OURS. That’s right, he’s on OUR team. We have Dante McCaffrey, one of the smartest minds in the business that he along with Laura have created this merger and took the SCW by surprise in Australia.”

“Finally last and certain not least, our best friend, Ikiro Yoshida who has become like a big brother to us, he’s about as close to family as we have here in the SCW not named Sienna Swann. Now that is a team to be afraid of, this is a team that will walk into Bound by Blood and eliminate every single person on the Street Legacy and then what would Kennedy do? She has already fallen from Grace and it will be an honor to not only ruin your reunion with Trinity?”

“But end the Legacy before it even gets started. We chose this place, this artsy little area in the bloody cold to stand here and address you. This perfectly exemplifies what the Beauty Network is, how the city and art formed to make one attraction. The Network was full of some of the most talented wrestlers, The Beauty Factory has the most alluring people on the planet who are the finest athletes around. We were destined to greatness and you Chris Cannon, could have been a part of it.”

“Chris Cannon, you made two mistakes, the first was not choosing Sienna Swann but that’s okay, she realizes that it is Ikiro who is the one, not you. Second, you could have avoided a Twin Killing. You hurt our sister dompkof, now we are going to hurt you.”


London and Paris have grown to hate Chris Cannon. At one point they admired and even respected him in hopes that we would choose wisely and take Sienna Swann, that was not the case and instead “Superman” not only denied Sienna, he didn’t even show up to her AA meeting and he was a sponsor. The Twins didn’t forget that, at Bound by Blood they were going to go out of their way to make sure that he paid for that one. London this time speaks…..

“You chose a side, we don’t blame you for choosing family, sure that is the right thing to do. Was leading Sienna on also the right thing to do Chris? I think it’s hilarious how much hypocrisy is on that team. Trinity has been one of the biggest villains in all of wrestling and she is talking about doing the right thing? Kennedy has already sold you on her goodness, will it change with her sister’s influence? We saw a glimpse of it on Breakdown this past week. “

“Chris Cannon though, he can make himself look like Superman all he wants, he was like Josh Hudson and basically used Sienna for everything that she was until they couldn’t find any more use, and, in the end, she will get the last laugh but if we can go ahead and put a smile on her face? Then Kelcey Wallace, watch closely what happens to those that not only cheat on their wives, but then lie to them and pretend it never happened.”

“Tsk Tsk… bad boy Superman.”

“We are tired of being overlooked, we are done playing second fiddle to a bunch of hacks, we demand respect, we demand attention, we demand recognition and we demand our opportunities! We will not wait any longer and just how the Street family learned so quickly, we will start taking what we want and when we want it. That was just the beginning in Australia, there is so much more to come and if the message sent was a simple one, that we don’t care what the momentous occasion is, for we respect no one. We are just as entitled to our FAIR shot at anyone else. Go ahead, we dare you to put us in any more situations that will lower of chances of success and I promise that we will go through it and it we don’t, we will make sure no one else will. We won’t stop and we do not care who gets hurt along the way, if it’s your precious Kennedy?”

“The so be it!”

“The Street family, they have been the talk of the town in the wrestling for a long time, that will change, the conversation will be a different one and when it does after Bound by Blood, they will talk about how The Beauty Network wrote their own legacy, forged their path and destroyed the Street family.”

“Champion of Champions.”

“Sexy Flawless Diva.”



“The Man With Kids”

“Remember them well for when the last person is eliminated, they will read the chapters of the book entitled….”

“The Night of the FIVE Twin Killings.”

Paris cracks a smile while London steps back, brushing her hair back in the cold, looking over at her sister and knowing that this is their moment to show exactly how these two beauties bounce back from one of their best yet most disappointing nights in the SCW. Laura is proud of what she sees and with the Beauty Network behind them, there is nothing that can stop the Truelove Twins and their journey to become the SCW World Tag Team Champions…






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