, A shift in perspective – ‘non-dual’ spirituality – See, Love, Be – Tim Stead

A shift in perspective – ‘non-dual’ spirituality – See, Love, Be – Tim Stead

A shift in perspective – ‘non-dual’ spirituality – See, Love, Be – Tim Stead


I am at present trialling a new program in mindfulness which I have known as ‘A change in point of view – mindfulness, spirituality and getting in the world’.

The training course aims to help persons in acquiring a every day meditation exercise as a way of remaining in the world and responding sensibly to all that we practical experience in life.

But I have also wanted to offer you these factors in the context of spirituality. And so, aware that this word is controversial for some and some thing of a barrier for other people, I needed to present some views right here about what I mean by this phrase – and what I never imply.

And the term I have observed most useful lately, common to philosophers and theologians alike, is the phrase ‘non-dual’. So permit me describe what I necessarily mean by this by 1st checking out what a single may indicate by ‘dualistic’ spirituality – which, just one could argue has its position but is not the entire photo and can be seen as rather impoverished with out the broader context of the non-dual. 

Dualistic spirituality.

A dualistic spirituality is when there is a tendency to divide actuality into two poles: superior/poor proper/incorrect secular/sacred God/human etcetera. and so forth. The implication, of class, becoming that 1 is to be picked and the other rejected or at minimum that one particular is remarkable to the other.

This kind of spirituality often comes with a obvious ethical framework – a set of rules – and commonly a hierarchy of human beings who will interpret these rules. Over and past this hierarchy is God who is viewed as in excess of all, individual from humanity and who is the source of the guidelines (and the punishments).

And it would look to me that this technique to spirituality can be really beneficial right at the commencing of a spiritual journey or when your lifetime is in a diploma of chaos – when I just want to know what to do and what not to do to get my life out of this mess – but that there are equally problems and limits with this approach if pushed past a sure stage.

The troubles involve: properly, actuality just is not like that – it just can’t be split into two choices all the time it does not do properly with explaining struggling it can lead to exclusion of these who really do not fit in and also repression of those people elements of ourselves which are not noticed as acceptable. This last acquiring led to all sorts of spiritual scandals.

And the limits are to do with the lack of focus on internal transformation. So this tactic to spirituality can conclusion up generating it truly feel as though it is all about fitting in with some excellent excellent which can experience really tiring soon after a although – a terrific effort and hard work continually battling and struggling inside of. Notions of sin, judgement, guilt and disgrace can also typically appear into engage in quite heavily and can perform into some extremely unhelpful destructive inner thoughts that a lot of persons now have about on their own. And this can frequently get the job done from internal transformation.

As I say, whilst some will argue that dualistic spirituality is not a excellent solution at any phase of the non secular lifestyle, others may say that there is a area for it as very long as it is observed for what it is and that the constraints and complications are understood.

The other factor is that numerous have turned down any type of association with spirituality on the foundation that this is the only form on offer you – which, in popular western religion, frequently it is.

Non-dual spirituality.

This is the variety of spirituality which, alternatively than dividing points up and prioritising just one aspect around the other, in its place seeks the unity in all issues – seeks the marriage among unique facets and, if this partnership is wounded in some way, seeks healing, integration, wholeness.

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So, this is the spirituality which seeks to make room for the full of human encounter devoid of judging any aspect as intrinsically fantastic or bad but alternatively trusting in the vital goodness at the main of the human particular person. 

And God (if, without a doubt, ‘God’ is the finest expression) is not some distant figure at the top rated of a hierarchy but relatively a existence, a stillness, a place where human wholeness and flourishing can come into remaining. The ‘divine’, then, is a lot more a way of becoming, of understanding – further than rules, and hierarchies as very well as beyond illustrations or photos, concepts and principles. There is both equally a quietness and a vibrancy here. We are catching a deeply wholesome move in lifestyle and, when we do, some may well only want to affirm ‘ah, probably this is what we indicate when we talk of God’. Or others, equally moderately, might want to recommend that this is so distinct an practical experience from that of dualistic spirituality, that the term ‘God’ rarely looks appropriate.

And, for fear of it all sounding relatively pretty, cosy and superb, I need to remind us that there is true struggle, problems and, indeed, suffering in this path. The mystics identified as this ‘The dim evening of the soul’. And this part of non-twin spirituality ought to not surprise us: when that which is not whole (not built-in) techniques that which is, then that which is not will be exposed and challenged. The suffering will come as we attempt to cling to our familiar but even so un-built-in strategies of believed and conduct. This is all-natural, of system, because these means have enabled us to survive up to now – and so by natural means we have turn out to be attached to them – they feel secure to us – and numerous of these techniques were being even taught to us in religious contexts (what I am now contacting dualistic spirituality). But the trouble is that  now these psychological and behavioural behaviors are no longer aiding us to mature and some are even actively receiving in the way of expansion. So, what can feel like a agonizing purging may possibly require to consider spot.

But these ‘dark nights’ are not the norm but doorways, if you like, to higher wholeness – the wider areas wherever our souls can actually flourish.

I get the sense that this ‘non-dual’ way is what many are yearning for in our day – particularly in the second fifty percent of lifestyle but really younger folks are wanting for this far too. And the difficulty is that it is not effectively represented in our western traditions. It would seem to be a great deal a lot more by natural means existing in some japanese varieties of faith: Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism. But you have to get the job done more difficult to find it in the west. It is there in Christianity – often identified as ‘contemplative spirituality’ or ‘mystical theology’ (although even these can drift in the direction of dualism) – but it is typically not mainstream and it appears to me we have not managed to discover a way to make it readily available and obtainable.  

In my view, we need to rediscover this strand of spirituality in the west. It wants to be a great deal extra foregrounded and built much a lot more obtainable.

And the cause I have turned to mindfulness as a assistance for this quest for non-dual spirituality is that the modern mindfulness tradition seems to have discovered a way of instructing it in an accessible way – building it a chance for ordinary people today.

So, in essence I suppose this is what I am looking for to offer you with this current program – utilizing the insights and functional accessibility of modern mindfulness as a doorway to this historical, non-twin religious custom.

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