, A Closer Look: Living With Down Syndrome as an Adult

A Closer Look: Living With Down Syndrome as an Adult

A Closer Look: Living With Down Syndrome as an Adult

You could have seen another person at get the job done or in class with some special options. These folks commonly have slanted eyes, flattened faces, language complications, or protruded tongues. In spite of these traits, they can reside typical life.

There are even effective men and women with Down syndrome, like Collette Divitto, founder of Collettey’s Cookies, who took the culinary planet by storm. That indicates, you shouldn’t allow data determine these men and women, so keep on examining to study extra about residing with Down syndrome.

What Is Down Syndrome?

Down syndrome is a genetic illness caused by irregular mobile division. This potential customers to aberrant physical attributes associated with the problem.

Folks with Down syndrome have various levels of mental impairment and developmental disabilities. It is the most widespread genetic chromosomal abnormality in children and the leading result in of cognitive troubles. It also benefits in other healthcare issues, this kind of as cardiac and gastrointestinal difficulties.

What Will cause Down Syndrome?

A standard human cell has 23 pairs of chromosomes. Each pair has a single chromosome from the father and one particular from the mom.

Down syndrome develops when chromosome 21 undergoes aberrant cell division. These abnormal cell divisions direct to an more copy of chromosome 21, which is accountable for distinctive qualities of the sickness. Down syndrome can also be caused by one of a few genetic variants:

Trisomy 21

Down syndrome is brought on by trisomy 21 in 95 percent of the circumstances. The personal has a few copies of chromosome 21 in all the cells, relatively than the usual two copies. This is induced by irregular mobile division for the duration of egg or sperm cell development.


An person with this sort of Down syndrome has just a handful of cells with an additional duplicate of chromosome 21. This patchwork of regular and abnormal cells is produced by postfertilization and incorrect mobile division.


Down syndrome may also establish when a segment of chromosome 21 is translocated (attached) to an additional chromosome prior to or throughout conception. These children have two chromosome 21, and an further genetic product joined to yet another chromosome.

Down Syndrome Indications

Each and every person with Down syndrome is one of a kind. Some people are nutritious, when many others put up with from critical health and fitness troubles. Down syndrome youngsters and grown ups have one of a kind facial characteristics.

Not all individuals with Down syndrome have the identical attributes. The adhering to are some of the additional commonplace kinds:

  • Flattened facial area
  • Little head
  • Broad neck
  • Protruding Tongue
  • Eyelids that slope upward (palpebral fissures)
  • Unusually shaped or tiny ears
  • Muscle tone deficiency
  • Wide and limited hands with a solitary wrinkle on the palm
  • Limited and small fingers
  • Brushfield’s spots in the eyes
  • Short stature

Infants with Down syndrome are normally normal in stature. Even so, they generally produce bit by bit and keep shorter than other small children their age.

Guidelines for Grown ups With Down Syndrome

Grownups with Down syndrome, like any other group of people today, have different demands, skills, and aspirations. Some will produce the potential to drive, have interactions, and live independently. Some others may require more daily care but can preserve component-time operate and have interaction in significant social functions.

They can have meaningful lives and working experience a feeling of belonging in their communities with the appropriate support. Hence, it’s beneficial to recognize what choices are available and what you will want to monitor.

Transitioning to Adulthood

As teenagers with Down syndrome graduate from superior college, they will have to transition to higher education or get a career. Changeover planning is a part of the Individualized Instruction Program (IEP) that college students with Down syndrome receive in general public educational institutions. The objective is to visualize the foreseeable future and take into consideration the expertise and providers adolescents will require as they experienced into grownups.

When you collaborate intently with instructors, doctors, and therapists to establish a seem system, you can relieve some of the tension affiliated with venturing out into the earth. As the variations method, adolescents with Down syndrome might seem moody or execute inadequately in college. Bear in head that faculty gives much more than a put to examine it also presents a usual social framework with developed-in supports such as instructors and an IEP.

Housing Preparations

Grown ups with Down syndrome have a wide range of housing and residing possibilities. It is all about matching demands and aspirations. Certain persons will survive at:

  • Household with relatives
  • College student housing for faculty
  • Their possess dwelling or condominium with help services
  • A group home with other men and women with impairments

It relies upon on how intense their problem is and what they want. If they are not carrying out very well in one particular of these living solutions, it’s greatest to focus on further approaches with a therapist.

Work and Publish-Secondary Schooling

Some folks with Down syndrome proceed their training by attending school or vocational educational facilities, though other individuals discover work. There are 3 varieties of work for men and women with Down syndrome:


These are regular positions that any person can apply for, but it may well not be a excellent match for another person with serious indicators of Down syndrome. This is generally because there is no specific support in spot.


A work mentor helps them get up to pace even though they get the job done along with men and women who don’t have impairments. This is the most regular sort of work for persons with Down syndrome.


In this instance, they get the job done with other persons who have impairments. These occupations are inclined to entail handbook perform, like putting matters jointly.

Interactions and Social Effectively-Currently being

Work could provide as a way to be part of the group. Nonetheless, it’s also important for people today with Down syndrome to take part in athletics, hobbies, and other pursuits.

They can also day, have meaningful interactions, and get married. That usually means it is critical to communicate to adolescents with down syndrome about sexuality, birth command, and STD.

Having a Family members

Some might also want to set up families, but males with Down syndrome normally just cannot father youngsters. Women can have little ones, but they are much more possible to have miscarriages and premature labor. Parenting is challenging, so they will need to have additional help.

Overall health Concerns

People with Down syndrome are probable to produce age-associated health issues sooner than other people. This consists of dementia, memory loss, variations in temperament, or Alzheimer’s condition.

It may possibly be tricky to determine whether or not these difficulties point out Alzheimer’s or a little something else, these kinds of as worry, sadness, or a health care ailment. You can support by recording when and how usually these alterations transpire, then verify up with a medical doctor. Other wellness issues men and women with Down syndrome are possible to encounter include:

  • Weight problems
  • Diabetic issues
  • Cataracts
  • Early menopause
  • Significant cholesterol
  • Thyroid ailment
  • Leukemia

Fortunately, there are means to handle these health troubles. As an particular person with Down syndrome will get more mature, make confident they obtain standard test-ups and connect their issues with the medical doctor.

Down Syndrome Lifetime Expectancy

Everyday living expectancy has greater noticeably for persons with Down syndrome. Nowadays, an individual with this situation can live a lot more than 60 yrs, depending on the degree of wellbeing challenges.

The oldest surviving woman with Down syndrome is 74 12 months previous Dollie Grissom of Oklahoma. The oldest surviving man with Down syndrome is Bert Holbrook, who died in 2012 at age 83.

Study Far more About Residing With Down Syndrome

If you know anyone with down syndrome, you are most likely pondering what you can do to support. There’s no cure that cures the disease, but there are techniques to deal with it. With the strategies higher than, along with loads of like and aid, any individual can are living a usual and successful lifetime with Down syndrome.

If you are interested in discovering more, we are here to assistance. Get in touch with us currently to master far more about residing with down syndrome or about conference like-minded persons at Particular Bridge!

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