, 3.24 — Aloha. Malama Pono / Farewell. With Love page 4

3.24 — Aloha. Malama Pono / Farewell. With Love page 4

3.24 — Aloha. Malama Pono / Farewell. With Love page 4


Hey woah. Is Kono leaving Clearly show? Is she heading to be replaced by KATH who does no Naval do the job, in any case?!

Talking of KATH, why never they at any time put any rouge on this lousy woman’s cheeks?

So. Adam’s heading on the lam until his enemies are guiding bars. Kono’s going with, and Daniel delivers the finest line of “Can I go with you…?” and CHIN CHIN CHIN is the slowest speaker on the world when it can take him 12 minutes to whisper “follow your heart” into Kono’s ear.

Kono’s not having any garments? What about a passport? Footwear? She’s leaving guiding her genuinely terrible wardrobe and is super fired up. Desire she’d get Steven’s actually awful hair with her to continue to keep her heat and preserve us a summer season of agony.

Back again at H-50 HQ, CHIN CHIN CHIN is rueful and so calling a lady named Leilani whom I will find out in excess of the program of the summer season.

This is a really prolonged scene and I am bored, Display. Why are you doing this to me?

And in which tf is my closure about Bis/xual Muppet Puppet and what he means to Momma McG?

Again in that darkish tunnel with 20 swat officers who have nothing superior to do than safeguard Bis/xual Muppet Puppet, McG is offended walking to go and have a small chat with Muppet. When inside, Muppet tells him he’ll explain to him what is up with Momma McG but only if McG allows him escape. Commotion outside the house with the sounds of all 20 swat customers dying and then some form of laser beam to slice a hole in the metal doorway in purchase to get at Muppet. Muppet will not convey to us who “they” are who are just after him, and McG appears like he could need a midwife to assistance him go to the bathroom.

What a terrible ending, Demonstrate. Really? I never imagined I would say this and basically imply it, but you have available a bizarre and disappointing tiny bit of telly this night.

ZOMBIES!! That’s better.

And. The Finish of Period 3. I guess…


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