, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

So you’re crazy about a girl… You really like her, but you’re afraid she doesn’t like you back… Or heck you’ve seen her around at school, college or work but you feel like she doesn’t even know you exist!

Don’t worry! That is all about to change, because in this article you’ll discover EXACTLY how to get a girl to like you.

With the following 21 powerful tricks at your disposal, you’re going to land directly on her radar. She’ll start noticing you, wondering about you, and more importantly…. wanting you.

So listen carefully, because I’m guessing this girl is pretty special, right? She’s not like all the other chicks. She’s worth going the extra mile for. And you’re ready to do whatever it takes to land this girl and make her your girlfriend.

These 21 powerful tricks will guide you every step of the way. From meeting a girl and talking to her, to asking her out and making her your girlfriend.

Firstly we’ll cover the bare essentials. The core traits and attributes you need to get a girl to like you. So this special girl, or any woman you desire, starts to notice you in a sexual way….

Once you’re on her radar, I’ll show you how to develop a conversation that builds raw sexual chemistry. This will help you build a connection so deep she’ll be drowning in affection for you.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Then you’ll be ready to unleash the last six tips to get her saying YES! to a date. These final tips are so damn powerful she’ll start to see you as boyfriend material.

Sound good? Awesome. Let’s dive straight in!

How to get a girl to like you. STEP 1: Get her noticing you

First and foremost, you have to get her noticing you – because if you fail to get her attention, and she doesn’t find you attractive, she won’t ever give you the time of day.

The first step on ‘how to get a girl to like you’ is to stand out. You need a unique selling point (USP) over all the other guys you’re competing with.

No matter how virtuous you think this girl is, she’s initially gonna judge you on your appearance rather than on your character.

Looks matter. I know it’s superficial, but hey. It’s just the way it is…

Looking good and presenting well provides a vital ‘foot in the door’ to progress the conversation past the meet and greet.

Because if she likes the way you look, she’ll more likely invest her time and attention into hearing what you have to say.

And lucky for you, there are countless ways to improve your appearance without having to spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to look like Brad Pitt.

So let’s start with the basics.

1. Good personal hygiene

If you resemble anything like ‘Sam the Caveman’ in Trailer Park Boys, then these tips are reserved for you….

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Shower at least once a day (goes without saying), brush your teeth, trim that pubey looking excuse for a beard, get a fresh haircut, cut your nails, wash your bits, wear clean clothes, and douse deodorant over that greasy, pizza crumb infested body of yours.

Looking scraggy and unkempt are big red flags… it implies laziness and lack of self respect.

So if you’re guilty of smelling like a dumpster truck, start by pulling your finger out of your ass and cleaning it with bleach 😉

You’ll find that once you start taking good care of yourself, you’ll be in a better ‘state’ to meet and talk to women. Taking pride in your appearance will boost self confidence and get girls noticing you.

2. Work on your look

A woman is instinctively attracted to healthy, broad shouldered men who are capable of protecting her. So by simply hitting the gym, exercising, and watching your diet, you’ll become ten times more attractive to the girl you like.

Remember, you want to have a unique selling point. So if your face doesn’t do it for you, or you’re somewhat vertically challenged….. you can easily make up for it with a good physique.

Join a gym and work on getting the ‘Greek God’ look. Or if you’ve put on puppy fat over the cold winter months, undergo a strict fat-burning diet.

Consider a wardrobe change too. Especially if you take style tips from The Big Bang Theory:

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Chuck out any geeky, fluorescent tees and dispose of those tightly buttoned up shirts.

Start wearing clothes that make you look sexual. Open neck / v neck tshirts, and slim fitted jeans are a good start. And go for dark colours – greys and blacks – for a more mysterious look.

Once your makeover is complete, you’ll naturally begin to radiate self confidence – the next important ingredient on how to make a girl like you…

3. Be confident

To quote Ocean Alleys’s hit song – “It’s all about confidence, baby!”

Women LOVE self confidence. It’s highly attractive. But I know, I know… it’s easier said then done to “just be confident, yeah…?”

If only we could click our fingers and be like Maverick from Top Gun:

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

But unfortunately we can’t.

However, by simply taking good care of yourself and pumping iron in the gym, you’ll already be halfway there…

Because once you start this journey of self improvement – working on your style and physique – you’ll start exuding oodles and oodles of self confidence.

Because when you see your ‘glow up’ transformation in the mirror, you’ll feel way more confident about yourself.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

So whilst you’re working on that Greg O’ Gallagher body ☝️ Here are a few quick tips on how to appear more confident:

  • It’s about confidence, not cockiness – be humble rather than brag. Have that big dick energy!
  • Develop a ‘don’t f*ck with me’ aura. If someone annoys you, confront them. Don’t be a pushover and let em’ walk all over you.
  • Self deprecating humour is the best kind of humour. Show you’re secure enough to make fun of yourself.
  • When talking to girls – slow your speech and project your voice.
  • Focus on good posture and open up your body language so you don’t look vulnerable in social situations.

4. Have an interesting hobby or passion

There is nothing more sexy than a man with a passion.

Whether it’s a hobby, sport or activity. Women dig a guy who devotes time and dedication into something he loves, aside from work.

And if you actively pursue a passion, it shows you have your own life. You’re independent and got stuff going on! So massive props if you do.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Over the last five years, my passion has been surfing. That’s me in the pic above.

When I first picked up a surfboard, I never anticipated the amount of female attention that would come with the territory… my Instagram literally blew up as soon as I started posting surf pics.

If you’ve ever tried surfing, you’ll know it has a very steep learning curve. It takes hours upon hours of ‘water time’ before you get any good.

It’s a physical and mental battle with serious risks of danger along the way. And it takes sheer determination and resilience to reach a respectable level.

So you can understand why surfing ticks all the boxes for being a ‘panty dropper’ so to speak. It embodies a lot of attractive male traits women look for in a man.

And just like with surfing, pretty much any sport or hobby carries similar attractive traits that will get a girl to like you.

Because if you put serious time and energy into pursuing something…. it shows you’re a strong minded human being. And that’s very attractive!

So do you have a genuine passion for something? Let it be known! Maybe you have a love for hiking, you play drums in a band, or maybe you enjoy fishing on the weekends?…. Whatever it is, share it on Instagram and make sure this special girl you like knows about it.

5. Be Positive

No one wants to be around a Debbie Downer or a Negative Nancy. They suck the energy out of a room! People are drawn to those who give off a positive vibe. Because it’s infectious.

So if you’re seen to be upbeat and have an optimistic outlook on life, women will flock to you in droves.

By being positive, you can be this girl’s escape. She’ll associate good times with you, and always be excited to meet up with you.

6. Be genuine

Don’t fake it until you make it. If a girl tells you she loves pony riding, don’t say “Me too!” if you’ve never straddled a horse before.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Stand up for what you believe in and be prepared to disagree with her. She’ll respect you for it. After all, they say opposites attract….am I right?

So if your date starts yapping on about how 9/11 was a Government cover up, or the US moon landing was a hoax, be prepared to challenge her opinion.

Being genuine is also about being secure in yourself. Don’t try and be someone you’re not. You want a girl to fall in love with the real you.

I can honestly say, if you pretend to be someone you’re not in order to attract a girl, she’ll eventually see right through you.

So be true to yourself and the right girl will like you for you.

Ok so those are the six tips to get this girl you like noticing you! Now let’s look at how to talk to her in a way that builds a deep connection!

STEP 2: Build a deep connection

Now that she’s started to notice you, you’re ready to use words to make her like you.

It’s time for you to become a lyrical wordsmith!

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

The following 10 tips show you exactly how to get a girl to like you by having a great conversation.

These conversational tips are on a one-size fits all basis – whether you’re meeting a girl for the first time, or you’re talking to a girl you interact with often – a girl from school, college, or work, or she’s in your social circle.

7. Keep your opener short and sweet

Whatever the situation you find yourself in, never overthink the opener and miss an opportunity to start a conversation. Keep it short and sweet. The best openers are simply any of the following:

“Hi”, “Hey”, “Excuse me”, “Hey, hows it going?” or, “Hey I’m [first name]”

Don’t waste time trying to think up some witty phrase or pick up line to get her attention. Remember, you want to sound genuine. Keep it simple so it seems natural.

You can always throw in a situational opener for good measure. So if this girl you like is at college, you can open with something like “Hey, how was class?”

Or if you meet a girl in a café, begin the conversation with “Hey, is the coffee any good here?”

Don’t overthink it. The simpler the opener is, the better.

8. Be present and keep the conversation flowing

Listen to what she has to say, and use her reply as material to keep the conversation flowing. This is the art of making good conversation.

Being a good listener is the key to making a girl to like you.

If you don’t listen, the conversation will end up making huge jumps and U-turns. Let’s look at an example to better explain this.

Ok so let’s say you like this girl at high school. And you open with the line “How was class?”

If she replies with something like “OMG the compound chemical equations went over my head!”

And you reply with “yeah haha, so umm, whats your spirit animal?”

You can see how unnatural this sounds. It doesn’t flow, and rather just seems forced.

There’s no connection.

A better reply would be something like “I know right?! Think I’m gonna nerd it up and buy a poster of the periodic table to stick on my bedroom ceiling”

It shows you listened to her reply and kept the conversation on topic.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

You see, a lot of guys make this mistake when meeting and interacting with girls. They panic in the moment and think “wow, she didn’t reject me! She’s actually talking to me!”

And because of this, they lose track of the interaction and forget to listen to what the girl actually has to say!

So try to keep present in the conversation, and listen to her. This way you can form a better connection and sound human!

Because if you’re outcome dependent i.e. you’re too concerned about the end result – exchanging Instagram’s or asking her out on a date – then you’re gonna forget to actually enjoy the conversation.

You’ll just end up appearing robotic. And that’s no fun for her.

9. Maintain eye contact and give her your full attention

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Holding eye contact is great for three reasons:

  • It shows you’re attentive and enjoy hearing what she has to say.
  • You’ll engage better in the conversation and establish a connection
  • It displays confidence and shows you’re not shy.

If your eyes flicker between looking at the floor, looking at her, and looking at some other broad standing by the bar, she’s not gonna be impressed!

Not only will she think you’re insecure, but it will also disrupt the flow of the conversation.

Holding eye contact will keep her engaged and spellbound by the words that come out your mouth. It fast tracks the seduction.

Whilst maintaining eye contact, also focus on opening your body language to give her your full attention. Angle your shoulders and feet so that you’re pointing in her direction.

10. Make her laugh

Humour is the way to a girl’s heart. It’s a surefire way to get a girl to like you.

Throw in a couple of jokes or witty replies when talking to a girl. Let her see you’re a fun-loving, easy going guy, and she’ll fall for you in no time.

Humour helps diffuse any awkwardness in the interaction and allows a girl to relax and feel comfortable around you. All positive things!

Because women don’t want some uptight, serious guy who can’t make fun of himself. That’s just boring.

The secret to how to get a girl to like you is to be quick-witted and self deprecating.

If you can master the art of self deprecated humour, you’ll make this girl like you and want to be your girlfriend. Guaran-f*ckin-teed!

11. The Similarity-Attraction Effect – find common interests

In social psychology, the Similarity-Attraction Effect refers to the widespread tendency for people to be attracted to members of the opposite sex who are similar to themselves in important respects. With things like attitudes, core values and activities of interest.

It makes sense right? Just like how a lot of couples first meet through hobbies and activities like CrossFit, yoga or Spanish language classes.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Or when people match on Dating Apps. It’s often down to similar values or goals, like writing “looking for a serious relationship” in their profile to avoid matching with those just looking for hookups.

Or how a keen cyclist on Tinder is likely to swipe right for someone who’s first pic is of them posing next to a mountain bike.

So start using this psychological trick to your advantage to get a girl to like you! When talking to girls, try to find common interests you both share.

If something you like comes up in conversation, make sure to highlight it and tell her you like it too. This will help you form an instant connection and build attraction.

But be genuine! Don’t be Mr Agreeable and just say you like something because she does. She’ll eventually suss you out!

You’ll always find something you have in common. So be on the prowl. Listen carefully to what she says, and find common ground to help escalate her feelings for you and build a deep connection.

12. Flirt with her and tease her

if you feel like the conversation is going well – she’s receptive and laughing at your lame jokes – then it’s time to inject some flirting into the interaction!

You want to let your intentions be known EARLY ON in the interaction to avoid being pigeon holed into the dreaded friend zone.

Because f*ck being friends with this chick! You don’t wanna assume the role of her psych therapist and listen to all her problems…You’d much rather be her massage therapist. If you catch my drift 😉

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

How to get a girl to like you sexually? Start by breaking her balls a bit. Treat her like you would a younger sister (if you get my gist). Give her backhanded compliments like, “You look semi-decent today” or call her a ‘special kid’ for not being able to handle her liquor.

Whilst doing this, start introducing playful, light touches the more you talk and banter with her. This way she’ll know you have zero intentions of being her friend…

13. Compliment her

Whilst you’re flirting with her, start sliding in a few compliments here and there.

Similarly to flirting and teasing, once you start physically complimenting a girl, you’ll be able to steer well clear of the “lets just be friends” zone.

So make your intentions clear. Let her know you like her without explicitly telling her “I like you”.

Keep your compliments casual and light. Nothing over the top or overtly sexual. Just be subtle – tell her you like her shoes, she’s got a lovely smile, or a cute accent. And go from there….

So that wraps up all the conversational tips on how to make a girl like you! Now you’re ready to start using the following seven tricks to ask her out!

STEP 3: Ask her out, and how to become boyfriend material

By this stage, I’m gonna assume you’ve got this girl’s number, FaceBook, Instagram, or Snapchat etc. In other words – you have a means of contacting her.

Or this girl you like is a part of your day-to-day life. You see her at school, college, work, or in an outside activity etc.

In other words you have the luxury of being able to see this girl, meet up with her, or at least communicate with her on a daily basis?

Why do I ask this? Well, here’s the thing…. Attraction can be a fickle beast at the best of times. The process of getting a girl to like you can take a long time to develop. Sometimes you have to take it slow.

You need to be prepared to play the long game to get this girl to like you. Because it’s often a marathon and not a sprint. So patience and persistence are key traits you’ll need to make this girl fall for you.

Understand there’s no time scale on the following 9 points. It’s down to you to read her cues and the situation to navigate your way to the finish line.

So with that said, let’s get crackin’

14. Familiarity = Attraction

Psychological studies have shown that we are attracted to what is familiar to us. And repeated exposure to certain people will increase our attraction for them.

So to put it simply, the more familiar a girl gets with you, the more she’ll start to like you.

Here’s where my mad scribblings above (‘having the luxury to see this girl again, or at least communicate with her’) start to make sense…

Because the power is in your hands to make this girl familiar with you… you have the ability to message her or bump into her at school on the daily.

But obviously there’s a fine line with this. You don’t wanna go overboard with building familiarity.

Too much familiarity will have the undesired effect! Like sending hundreds of messages a day, or stalking a girl to the supermarket and pretending to buy a salmon in order to ‘randomly bump into her’…

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Instead, just work on giving her small doses of familiarity. Let her know you’re there – send the odd text or tag her in memes.

Or if she’s at your college, make the effort to strike up a conversation every now and then. You don’t have to talk every day. Just dip in and out of her life until you feel like she’s becoming more invested. Then up the dosage!

15. Give her space so she misses you

Remember, too much familiarity is a bad thing. Don’t smother her or you’ll come across needy and eager.

This is where the patience game comes into play. Because sometimes you have to give a girl space for her to develop feelings for you.

Why does space work?

Giving a girl space will make her miss you. Especially if she’s gotten used to you being in her life (familiarity).

Heck she might even miss bumping into you randomly when shopping for salmon 😉

Remember you need to have your own life aside from this chick. And so does she… You’re independent, and driven.

Plus, giving a girl space will build an air of mystery about you. If you act elusive and go radio silent on her once in a while, she’ll begin to get curious and wonder about you.

Because you want to be seen as a challenge – appear like you have other options apart from this girl. Otherwise, the moment a girl thinks your world revolves around her, she’ll run for the hills.

Work on mixing up the dynamic with the girl you like. Balance the seesaw between familiarity and space in a push-pull like manner.

16. Ask her out

Sounds obvious right? You need to ask her out!

All these tips on how to get a girl to like you will count for nothing if you fail to make a move and ask her out on a date!

Because the longer you procrastinate and don’t ask her out, the further you’ll fall down the treacherous path towards the friend zone.

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

You only have a small window of opportunity with this girl for things to happen and sparks to fly! Because girls want to get swept up in the moment!

If you wait too long, she’ll eventually get bored and lose interest. She’ll feel like it’s going nowhere and that you just want to be friends.

So when is the right time to ask her out? Well it depends on your situation. But generally speaking, once you sense she’s into you – she’s being more flirty, giving you attention, laughing at your jokes, or texting you more often etc.

In terms of rough time frames:

If you’ve just met the girl – ask her out within 3 days max following good back and forth with the texting.

If you’ve known her a while (high school, college, through friends etc.) – pay closer attention to the signs she’s into you before making a move. Once you start actioning my tips, a rough estimate should be around two weeks.

17. Inside jokes = deep connection

Inside jokes are an essential ingredient for building a deep connection. Basically anything funny you’ve both shared together – unique experiences, embarrassing moments, and little quirks you’ve noticed about her.

Bringing up inside jokes shows that you care. You’re thoughtful and know stuff about this girl that no other guy has seen in her before.

Inside jokes also help to take a girl back to a happy place, and with this, she’ll associate good feelings of you and her being together.

So if you haven’t done already, start throwing inside jokes into your conversations with this girl you like. It can be as simple as tagging her in meme’s related to her:

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Tagging a girl in memes will bring a smile to her face, because it shows you thought of her in that moment.

18. Be thoughtful. Make her feel special

Like with meme tagging, you want this girl to know you care. And that you think about her on the daily.

Kind and thoughtful gestures go a long way. Make her feel special and treat her like the queen she deserves.

But that doesn’t mean you have to buy her expensive jewellery or go to the extreme lengths of this guy:

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Just show acts of chivalry – open doors for her, walk on the outside of her down a sidewalk, offer her your jacket when she’s cold. Nice things like that.

And as you start to develop a deep connection with this girl, you’ll get to know the real her – her strange likes and dislikes, her wishes and desires, and her goofy hobbies.

You can use this information to your advantage by surprising her with thoughtful acts of kindness.

Spontaneously take her to see her favourite band. Or tick off activities on her bucket list together.

19. Be trustworthy. Open up to her

Start opening up to her and show your vulnerable side. Tell her closely guarded secrets and some embarrassing past memories. But avoid any attraction killing memories like poo related stories!

She’ll only fall in love with you if she discovers the real you. Your true, genuine self. Share stories of struggle, pain, compassion and love. Stories that shaped you into the man you are today.

The more you open up to her, the more she’ll open up to you. If you trust her with your secrets, she’ll respect you for it and trust you with hers.

20. Show interest in her friends

, 21 Powerful Tricks To Use Right Now –

Nothing beats getting the seal of approval from the girl’s friends.

It’s a necessary step in the puzzle of how to get a girl to like you. Because a friend’s opinion matters most. They’re after her best interests.

So if you fail to make a good impression on the friends, they may turn against you, and convince the girl you like you’re not worthy of her time…. especially if you have relationship rows later down the line.

So when the time comes to ‘meet the friends’ make an extra special effort! Be fun-loving and sociable. Make the decision easy for them to like you.

21. Be the leader

This last tip is a must have if you want to be regarded as boyfriend material.

Because I’m guessing that’s what you want? To make this girl your girlfriend…

If you want this girl to like you, and fall in love with you… you have to be a leader. You need to be the one in control – making the decisions and being assertive.

Women often like to play the submissive role in a relationship. So it’s down to YOU to take the lead and plan the dates – the day, time, and location of where you’re taking her for dinner.

And it’s down to you to be dependable – arrange logistics, pick up medicine when she’s sick, and accommodate her general needs.

She wants to feel like you take good care of her, you protect her and she feels safe around you. So she can happily walking home with you late at night, comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll keep her away from danger.

How to Get a Girl to Like You: Wrapping it up

So those are my 21 powerful tricks on how to get a girl to like you! If you start putting these tips into action as of RIGHT NOW this girl will fall hard for you in no time!

And remember to work on your image first to get her noticing you. Then once you’re on her radar you’ll be ready to unleash my conversational tips to make her like you. Enjoy my friend 😉

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