2009 Ultimate Marketing Gimmick Top 10

2009 Ultimate Marketing Gimmick Top 10

2009 Ultimate Marketing Gimmick Top 10

PR Puppet Theatre

David Moye: PR Puppet Theatre … He formulated a gimmick which would help him stand out by creating, in his words, a cheesy internet puppet show. He made sure when sending out his cover letters and resumes to point out: “If I can get a cheesy puppet show on CNBC, think of what I can do for your good clients.” Click here to vote for David.


$1 Million

Alex Tew: Million Dollar Homepage … He laid down for a nightly brainstorming session and twenty minutes later he had dreamt up the Ultimate Marketing Gimmick… sell a 1,000 x 1,000 image on his homepage for a dollar a pixel. Not only did Alex sell out all his pixels, but he sold the last 1,000 (20×50) on eBay for $38,100. Brav, Bravo, Bravo… times a million. Click here to vote for Alex.


Mona Lisa

David Langton: Mona Lisa Yourself … Masterpieceyourself.com allows users to insert their own photo into the face of a masterpiece painting portrait like the Mona Lisa, then download it or share via email and social networks. Traffic to their creative branding website has increased by 280% (1,109 unique monthly visitors vs. 399). Click here to vote for David.



Dreampilots: Fake it til’ you Make it … Dreampilots was the first Norwegian band ever to rent the Valle Hovin arena in Oslo where other notable bands such as Rolling Stones, U2, Madonna, Bruce Springsteen and others have graced the stage. The difference between these established acts and Dreampilots was simple: No one had ever heard of Dreampilots!  But several thousand music lovers bought a ticket and packed into the venue…  Assuming that if they were playing the arena, they must be a great band! Click here to vote for the Dreampilots.

Ramada Inn: Can you smell the BBQ?

Can you smell the BBQ?

Bill Donovan: Can you smell the BBQ? … Bill knew most hotels have in room booklets containing advertising local eating establishments. He decided to take out a full page advertisement that asked them to step outside their room and smell the Ramada Inn BBQ smoking their ribs right then. He would have a busboy drive through every hotel parking lot in town every weekday during check-in time and spray a product called Liquid Smoke, a flavor enhancer that most chefs use in any smoked or BBQ recipe. Bill had people coming from all the way across town saying “I smelled you guys smoking those ribs all the way over at the Hilton”, which was several miles away. Click here to vote for Bill.

Alex Rodriguez


Ken Mahar: Safeco Field Cash Shower … At a recent Mariners vs. Yankees game during an A-Rod at bat they released several hundred one dollar bills from the 300 level, raining down behind home plate, with the following statments on them; Hit LEGITIMATE marketing home runs, Put your marketing on steroids, All the marketing power without the acne, needles, or shrinkage, Great marketing results, no asterisks needed. Click here to vote for Ken.

Las Vegas Strip Walker


Dan Strong: Las Vegas Strip Walker … Dan walks up and down the strip selling advertising on his t-shirt. On average, 17,700 people are walking on the Strip at any given hour on any given day. During peak times there are as many as 40,000. Each day costs $1 more than the day before. January 1 is $1 and December 31 is $365. Dan is projected to earn $66,795 walking 3 hours per day, or $61 per hour. Click here to vote for Dan.

Find Chuck Norris


Arran Schlosberg: Find Chuck Norris … If you type in “Find chuck Norris” in Google and click I’m Feeling Lucky, you will see the following result: Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t’ find Chuck Norris, he finds you. Click here to vote for Arran.

Shoe String Marketing

Shoe String Marketing

Daniel Ruby: Shoe String Marketing … In order to make direct mail less dull and throw-away-worthy, Dan takes a targeted list of potential publishers and sends each of them a single shoe with a URL pinned to the tongue.  If they go to the URL, they see a personalized breakdown of how much money Chitika can make them. Dan see’s an alert that someone has hit up the URL and sends the matching shoe immediately. Click here to vote for Daniel.


$1 Million Bluff

Billy Murphy: $1 Million Stand-off … Billy issued a challenge to President Obama, or any member of Congress by offering them $1,000,000 to beat one of their pros in a game of poker. A match never went down, but it was a success as Fox News, among many other media picked up their story and got the word out about the issues and Blue Fire Poker. Big bluff, even bigger marketing payout. Click here to vote for Billy.

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