10 Best Greek Dating Sites ( 2021)

10 Best Greek Dating Sites ( 2021)

10 Best Greek Dating Sites ( 2021)

Last updated on September 23rd, 2021 at 10:18 am

‘Greek God – a much-used phrase that tries to capture the innate grace and beauty of the Greek people.

This says a lot about their looks and deportment.

Besides their looks, it is also the Greek culture and way of life that people seek on a Greek dating site.

Users on Greek dating sites look to bond over language, culture, food, and music while searching for a compatible Greek partner.

Many Greek singles frequent such dating sites in order to connect with like-minded people.

These online platforms are the best way to connect with eligible Greeks located in all parts of the world.

Given the success rates of Greek dating portals, there has been a spurt in their numbers.

Everywhere one looks, online dating forums are helping bring together single Greek women and men.

Many of these are now in the form of dating apps too. Matching is done on the best algorithms to create viable connections.

The problem is to identify which sites would provide the best Greek dates and possibly a big fat Greek wedding.

We have tried to bring together a list of the best Greek dating sites to make the job easier for you. These sites help users find love from the large Greek population online.

Top 10 Greek Online Dating Sites (Free & Paid) – Meet Greek Singles

Our team has come up with the 10 best dating sites for Greek dating.

This selection is made on the basis of different factors like ease of usage, membership charges, and services provided, among others.

The reader will surely find eligible Greeks from these dating platforms.

1) eHarmony

 For years now eHarmony has been consistently featuring on the top dating sites.

Since its inception in 2020 people have used this online platform to get connected.

Their search for life partners with common interests has been highly rewarding here.

If you are wondering about the experience of best Greek dating here, it is indeed happening. There are scores of satisfied users here.

Just go through the 29-component quiz to test your personality and get started. This also has a dating app and a varied user base to choose from.

The smooth interface makes eHarmony an appealing choice for users looking for Greek dates.

2) Elite Singles

elite singles

Another stellar name in the world of online dating forums, Elite Singles has been around for a long time.

The difference is that Elite Singles is peopled by professionals looking for serious relationships and long-lasting connections.

This is one of the best online dating sites currently.

There are plenty of Greek women and men here holding college degrees and in the 30s age group.

Choose your search filters effectively to fine-tune the search.

For example, authentic Greek food and other Greek interests will successfully pick out the best candidates for you.

The best part of Elite Singles is that the matchmaking process is done by ascertaining personality type following detailed inputs by the user.

This helps bring in precision and narrows down searches among potential candidates.

3) Match


A must check out the platform for successful online dating, Match is not exclusive to any group or community.

However, its massive subscriber base ensures there will be great choices in Greek dating.

Match is a pioneer in the virtual matchmaking scene and has since brought together many people by providing perfect matches.

This site comes in dating app form as well.

There is free membership here for basic services.

With over 30 million users active on this website, rest assured to connect with your choice of Greek men or women here.

Age, location, or sexual preferences are no bar on this and other online dating platforms.

All one needs to do is to create a profile and begin searching for their love.

4) Zoosk


Our list of Greek dating platforms that are actually general matchmaking sites also includes Zoosk.

This site was first launched in 2007 and since has grown to 500,000 active members.

With this huge subscriber base, one is sure to find a Greek mate of choice.

Whatever it is you are seeking, whether just casual dating or long-term commitment, you may check this website out.

It is easy to use and also comes in app form that gives the user more flexibility of use.

5) Eligible Greeks

Eligible Greeks is a popular Greek dating app.

It provides a lot of free services, which is another reason for its popularity.

It provides some services totally free, like creating a profile, chat invites, and browsing other profiles.

The matchmaking site provides connections according to location, gender preferences, and other specifications.

There is seamless connectivity on laptops, mobiles, and tablets.

Just get started on chats with your first message and you are good to go.

You will find editorial opinions, photo galleries, bonding over best Greek restaurants, as well as local date ideas at Eligible Greeks.

All you need to do is get started.

6) Agape Online

Agape Online is such an apt name for a Greek dating site.

Agape is Greek for love, and that is what you are seeking, right?

Since its inception in 1998, this has been a much sought much-sought Greeks world over.

Discuss anything from great Greek food to love interests and check out a few Greek dates while here.

Agape Online is an international Greek dating site that gives people more options for finding the perfect soulmate across borders.

Get your profile essay featured here which will bring your story to everyone. Sign up today and enjoy.

7) Greek Dating Net

Greek Dating net

Greek Dating Net is a wonderfully personal and online dating site for meeting Greek singles.

Get all set to meet fellow Greeks from other countries right here.

Using this dating site, you can choose your mate based on common interests.

These days one sees a new Greek dating site launched every now and then. Finding the one for you is not so easy though.

This site helps you share photos, discuss details of cuisine like where to eat authentic Greek food, where to get good village salad, and things of that sort for foodies.

Use this free site to check photos, read all the chat messages, and consult with dating experts too.

8) Nice Greeks

This Greek dating site has a wonderful tagline – The place where Greek singles become Greek couples.

That sort of says everything about the site.

Interested people can join the site for free.

Advanced services would require membership like platinum membership which is not available for nonplatinum members.

Find romance and love like never before using the filters on the site.

This is one of the best Greek dating sites going by happy reviews from users.

Most sites create dating apps as well as have a web version, which is the case here too. This is a popular Greek dating site among the young crowd.

The site and app maintain reliable data and there are no safety concerns about sharing personal data here.

9) Greek Connection

Join Greek Connection for free and begin meeting Greek men and women here.

The site further defines its exclusivity by mentioning those of Hellenic descent.

It is totally free to join, chat online, and get your profile featured on the home page.

There is ample help here to sort out your dating issues and get better at them.

Choose search filters effectively to find out the person you might want to connect with. There is an equivalent Greek app for the same purpose.

Unlock other features by exploring the matchmaking platform more thoroughly.

10) Greek Dating Site

Greek Dating Site is part of Online Connections, which is matchmaking and social networking behemoth.

This means the same members can be visible on sister websites and increase their chances of getting connected. Its scope is very wide and its reach is global.

This site is based in Australia but helps bring together Greeks from across the world on the online platform.

There are many attractions to this site.

One may browse profiles and modify own profile for free.

Begin your dating experience here and send flirts for free to better connect with your chosen partner.

Discuss anything under the sun, from awesome food to special lemon sauce, music or culture, anything that finds common ground.

What does a classic Greek dating site bring to users?

Like we stated above, it is the culture that people look to connect to apart from the individual. What would be the specific interests in the case of a successful Greek dating site?

    • Family values are important to Greek singles. This would mean a person who gels well with family and respects the core beliefs of this community.
  • The Greek way of life is all about enthusiasm, fun, and culture. These are common grounds on which filters are created to help users find their person of interest.
  • Greek food is another topic of common interest among this community. Popular Greek restaurants that are common meeting points can be good conversation starters.
  • Understanding and consolidation of Greek heritage is also something users look for in Greek dating sites. This is important to the community for preserving a certain way of life.
  • Usage of any online matchmaking platform involves sharing personal data, photos, and chats. Security of such information becomes an important factor in choosing a particular site over others.
  • Any dating site that has free membership for its users will obviously have more takers. Such offers help users to have access to basic services in their aim to find Greek singles.

Does a dating site help find the right mate?

Are you one of those looking to connect meaningfully with someone special? Is there actually a ‘right’ person for you?

Surely these are some questions that arise in people’s minds. Is online dating the solution to this?

It is true that more and more people are seeking relationships online.

Not only do these cut across geographical boundaries, but online dating websites also provide variety and choices like never before.

With matchmaking tools inbuilt into them, these help users to narrow down their search.

After a meaningful connection is made, it is up to the individuals to take it further from there.

In the present circumstances where most people are tech-savvy, these sites also come in the form of dating apps.

All of these do make it easier to find a person of choice online.

Obviously, online matchmaking platforms do their bit to help bring people together.

However, it makes sense to go through the offer provider’s official website to find out actual terms and conditions.

How your personal data is being handled, what the security measures are, and what the dating platform intends to do with expired matches are some things to be kept in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is there a Greek dating site?

The answer is yes in multiples. There are many authentic dating sites and apps that are designed specifically for Greeks. Some of these are mentioned above, like Greek Connections, Greek Friends Date, and Eligible Greeks.

These are some of the most popular dating sites right now.

What is the best dating site in Greece?

By ranking in terms of usage and popularity as well as success rates, Eligible Greeks seems to top the list. You will meet many single Greek women here as well as handsome Greek men here.

The site is safe and easy to use, making it one of the most used matchmaking sites for Greeks.

How do I meet Greek singles?

With an abundance of online matchmaking platforms, you may meet a single Greek woman or a man, as the case may be. These platforms allow to refine the search and enable filters that work to narrow down choices.

Choose a dating site from those listed above and find who would interest you the most.

Which dating site is best for serious relationships?

Many people join sites to find casual connections, flings, and flirts. There are multiple sites for such folks. However, for those looking for a long-term commitment, websites like eHarmony, Elite Singles, and Match are the best.

They are peopled by users who are there for serious relationships.

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